Fall 2019 | October 14, 2019
Weekly Newsletter
Transfer Statement Writing Workshop: Responding to the Personal Insight Questions
If you are currently working on your transfer application, please join us for our Transfer Statement Writing Workshop- Telling a Compelling Story. We are meeting this week:

When? Wednesday, October 16, 2019 from 1-2:15pm
Where? Room 3303

Come learn more about how to tell your story in a compelling way in order to show your unique and important journey towards transfer.

Learn more about the Personal Insight Questions for UC Applications at Applying as a Transfer
You may pre-register and submit an order to receive a full bag of items.
Join us for #UndocumentedStudentActionWeek

The Foothill College Family Engagement Institute invites you to learn more about how to help advocate for yourself and/or for your undocumented community by attending this week's events for Undocumented Student Action week. You can learn more about this week's events on the Dreamers and Undocually page.

Here are just a couple of the events you can attend:

  • Rapid Response Event
  • 12:00-12:30pm Smithwick Quad (1000): Resources and Lunch Provided
  • 12:30-2:00pm Rights and Response Workshop- Appreciation Hall
  • Waking Dream Film Screening
  • 12:30-2:00pm Appreciation Hall
Have you talked with your Honors Counselor yet?

Start the academic year off with a meeting with an Honors Counselor to ensure you are on track for transfer and following your educational plan. If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to set up an appointment. Follow this link to contact a counselor today - Foothill College Counseling e Honors Counselors
Transfer Center Events
Foothill Transfer Fair
  • Meet with university representatives from various UC, CSU, and private, out-of-state schools. Come to room 2500 (the small gym) for a chance to speak to the representatives from your top campus interests.
  • When? Wednesday, October 16, 2019 from 11-2pm
  • Where? Small Gymnasium (Room 2500)

Visit the Foothill Transfer Center for more information about their services.
Questions of the Week
Q: What is UCLA TAP?
A: The Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) is a collaboration between the Foothill College Honors Institute and UCLA College in conjunction with Undergraduate Admission. The program is designed to foster academic excellence at the community college level and to promote diversity and retention in the UCLA transfer population.
Q: What are the benefits of the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program?
A: The UCLA TAP gives you the opportunity to enhance your ability to transfer to UCLA at the junior level from a California community college. Students are certified after completing the honors/scholars program at their community college and given priority consideration for admission to UCLA College of Letters and Science.
Q: What is the alternate major policy for TAP transfer applicants?
A: Due to the continuous increase in transfer applications to UCLA and because the majority of applicants apply to a select number of majors, TAP certified students will be reviewed for alternate majors only if they meet both of the following provisions:
  • A. The alternate major may NOT be one of the following 16 selective majors: 
  • Biology
  • Pre-Business Economics 
  • Communication Studies
  • Pre-Economics
  • English
  • Pre-Global Studies
  • Pre-Financial Actuarial Mathematics
  • Human Biology & Society (B.A.)
  • Human Biology & Society (B.S.)
  • Pre-International Development Studies
  • Pre-Mathematics/Economics
  • Pre-Political Science 
  • Pre-Psychology
  • Pre-Sociology
  • Pre-Statistics
  • Public Affairs
  • B. The alternate major must have been listed on the original UC Application and match what is written on the TAP certification form. Requests to add or change the alternate major after submission of the application will not be considered. This applies to all alternate majors at UCLA.
Q: Do I have to fill out any forms?
A: Yes, on your University of California application, you will first want to indicate that you are a participant in the Honors Institute. In the Activity/Award section, under the Educational preparation program Category, select “UCLA Transfer Alliance Program,” and complete the information.

In January 2020, UCLA will provide the Foothill Honors Institute with a complete list of applicants who will need to be “TAP Certified.” We will contact students in early January 2020 to complete The TAP Certification Form and host workshops to assist students in completing the form. TAP Certification forms will need to be submitted by 2:00 PM on Friday, February 21, 2020.
For a complete guide to UCLA TAP, please visit the following sites
Creative Release Publication Opportunities

Are you a creative writer or visual artist? Do you want to take time during your schedule to make space for your work and share it with others? Join the Creative Release crew and make your art happen! This is not only a club for writers and artists who want to come together in order to create new work, but it is also a quarterly publication that prides itself on featuring emerging student voices. Whether you consider yourself a serious creative writer or artist, or someone who is just trying to make the time do to such work, please check out Creative Release for more information.
Community Campus Involvement Opportunities
We recognize that many honors students are currently involved with various campus activities or groups that may offer opportunities for service leadership experiences or contributions to the Foothill College community. If you are interested in recruiting students for your clubs, campus events, and/or other leadership opportunities that are available to your fellow students on campus, please send us information so we can feature your particular organization or event in our newsletter.