Dear Indio Neighbors,

Summer has definitely arrived here in the desert! And despite the heat, we are moving forward on our various street resurfacing projects around the City. On August 15, the City Council will act on awarding a bid for one of the most extensive local street resurfacing projects in years. So we are doing our best to use these summer months effectively.
Summer time also brings complaints about maintenance. Things are dry and dusty, so we receive more than a few inquiries about property maintenance in the City’s medians or on private property. The City’s Code Enforcement staff is small but very efficient. When the complaint involves City property, we do our best to direct our contract maintenance firm to address the conditions. We have a 33-square mile city, so it is a sizeable task but we are working on it every day. 
When complaints relate to private property, we first seek voluntary compliance. However, at any particular time, we have hundreds of property maintenance notices and citations working their way through the process. Most of the time they are resolved without legal action. Sometimes it takes longer. But please know that the physical beauty of our community is a high priority and that we work hard at it.
We believe that Indio is the best “12-month a year” community in the desert. Summer times are active times at City Hall.
In previous columns I have shared much of the exciting new development interests we have in Indio. We were pleased to hear that the Red Mountain Group, a very prominent real estate firm that specializes in shopping center revitalization, has closed on its purchase of the Indio Towne Center at the northeast intersection of I-10 and Jackson Street. They have already announced that the Toy "R" Us space is being leased by Burlington and by a new Marshall’s. They have other new tenants planned for occupancy in the near future. 
We are also happy to say that efforts by the Haagen Company to redevelop the Indio Fashion Mall are continuing in earnest. If you have visited the property lately, you will see that while they work on their new development, they have made the existing property much nicer and added some new tenants. This is not their ultimate development plan, but in the meantime, we recommend you support these local businesses.
In fact, I will end this column by asking all Indio residents to do your best to support our local businesses during these hot months and while we are doing our extensive road resurfacing projects. They deserve our patronage! 
I hope you all enjoy your summer months. I know that our great school communities are getting ready to start a new year. Our public safety crews are watching out for us, and our Indio Water Authority and public works crews are busy keeping vital services working. Our Indio-based CalFire crews are doing an amazing, heroic job this summer. They not only make almost daily saves of properties and medical emergencies here in the City, but they get called upon on an overtime basis to respond to wildfires that are plaguing our State. We pray for the safety of all of our dedicated crews. 
If you get a chance, please drop us a line and tell us how we are doing. Thank you all for your belief in Indio.
Mark Scott