Dear Neighbors,

On December 12th, we welcomed two new City Councilmembers. Oscar Ortiz (District 4 ) and Waymond Fermon (District 2) as they began their first 4-year terms on the City Council. Councilmember Elaine Homes (District 3) and City Treasurer Balvina Ramirez were also sworn in for new terms. 
Lupe Ramos Amith is our new Mayor, subject to the City Council’s annual rotation policy, and Glenn Miller will serve this year as Mayor Pro Tem.  We are grateful for the commitment to community service provided by these officials and look forward to their contributions as a governing body. On December 12th, we also thanked both Michael Wilson and Troy Strange who were the outgoing City Councilmembers for their years of dedicated service to Indio.  

We started December in remarkable fashion with the 2018 Indio International Tamale Festival — an authentic Indio tradition that marries family, culture, music, camaraderie and the best tamales on the planet. We concluded Saturday’s events with a community Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony that featured the talented children of our community, admired by their loving parents and grandparents. 
It is in moments like this that we see the true essence of the Indio community. May we all spend this Holiday Season in the warm embrace of family and friends — and remembering to reach out in brotherly support of those who may need a friend. 
All of us at City Hall wish a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season to all citizens of Indio from our youngest to our most senior citizens. Personally, I thank the community at large and at City Hall for the blessings that have come my way this last year. I look forward to our next year together to continue our mission to make Indio the most livable community for all of our citizenry.
Mark Scott 
(with a shout out to our loyal reader Mary)