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Going Retro

Seasonal Boiler Maintenance
S tudies show HVAC systems may account for 28 to 48 percent of a building's water consumption. Restroom and kitchen usage accounts for 31 to 37 percent, while landscaping is responsible for 18 to 22 percent.




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The usual recommissioning process begins with a discovery period, followed by a problem analysis period before a building can be recommissioned. 

Source: ACHR News

QUESTION: Why is it important to schedule HVAC maintenance in the early fall?
ANSWER:  You don't want to turn on your heating system, which hasn't been running for months, only to realize that it won't start. Once the winter sets in, HVAC specialists are busy attending to emergency repair calls. Scheduling HVAC maintenance early
guarantees  you will have  time to carry out necessary repairs and get the system in working order before the temperatures drop.

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It is hard to imagine but fall and winter are right around the corner!
Cold weather will be here before we know it, so now is the time to develop a plan to prepare your HVAC equipment for the upcoming seasons. Have you scheduled your seasonal preventive maintenance check yet?

Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to learn more about how to make sure your equipment will be ready for the months ahead! 
In addition, check out this month's educational articles below to learn more about the growing demand for retrocommissioning and the importance of seasonal boiler maintenance.
Going Retro   
Most in the HVAC industry know all about the commissioning process. Properly commissioning an HVAC installation is a necessary process that ensures newly installed systems operate as intended. While commissioning is essential, an equally important technique to achieve efficiency is retrocommissioning.

Retrocommissioning is a systematic process to make improvements in a building, which can lead to increased energy savings and overall building system performance.  The process helps building owners, managers, and employees create environments that are conducive to productivity, safety, and good health, while lessening the likelihood that problems could arise. 
Considering that about half of all commercial buildings in the U.S. were constructed before 1980, it's easy to see why there is a growing demand for retrocommissioing.
M ajority of retrocommissioning services are directly related to HVAC, building controls, and system integration. It usually involves one or more of these system problems: building pressure, lack of outside air, controls, air balance, water balance, zoning, humidity, design issues, lack of operator training, or excessive energy consumption.
Once a building is recommissioned, a process needs to be put in place to make sure it stays that way. Ultimately, retrocommissioning helps extend the life expectancy of buildings by keeping them healthy.  

Read "The Renaissance of Retrocommissioning" in its entirety on ACHR's The News website. To learn more about how recommissioning could help your facility's systems, contact Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.  
Seasonal Boiler Maintenance
Modern commercial boilers typically do not require an extensive amount of maintenance, but like any other mechanical system, they will weaken overtime.

Boiler systems will likely develop progressive performance problems that prevent the equipment from producing enough heat to operate efficiently. Annual maintenance should be conducted on a regular basis by professionals prior to the heating season.

During a seasonal boiler inspection, HVAC specialists will:
  • Check for cracks, holes, and other sources of water leaks
  • Inspect pressure gauges, burners and exhaust pipes
  • Test safety devices such as valves and interlocks
Before winter arrives and you find yourself relying on your boiler for everyday heat, contact Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to ensure your building's system works effectively, safely, and efficiently.
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