June 2017
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Prioritizing Chiller Maintenance

Avoid Mold and Bacteria with Regular Coil Cleanings
Building Automation Systems allow facility managers to embed computing and digital communication tools throughout their buildings to allow remote management. Currently, Commercial Building Automation Systems allow control of HVAC systems, lighting, security and access and other safety features. This industry is expected to grow from $67.1 billion in 2016 to $102 billion by 2025.

The Growing Building Automation Systems Industry 




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Building owners are embracing technology to help manage their facilities' resources for a number of reasons. Intelligent Building Design provides owners and managers not only with complete control of their resources, but also a variety of other benefits. 


Source: Navigant Research, Buildings.com   


How much energy do HVAC systems consume in commercial and office buildings in the United States? 

ANSWER: According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, HVAC needs account for about 44 percent of all energy consumption in commercial buildings across the United States, while it accounts for 53 percent of all energy consumption in office buildings

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Summer is here, which means your HVAC systems are probably in full swing! As temperatures continue to climb, so does the demand for efficient and effective cooling. But did you know the additional summer workload on your HVAC system could lead to costly problems, unless it is properly maintained?


Don't let your relationship with your HVAC system become heated this summer! For more information on issues you could face without proper HVAC maintenance, check out this month's educational articles below and don't forget to contact Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule an appointment.


Prioritizing Chiller Maintenance 
Chillers are an essential part of any building's HVAC system, but without proper maintenance, the costs of repairs or a replacement could add up quickly.

These large and expensive pieces of equipment can have a decades-long lifespan, if properly maintained. But without proper maintenance, chillers can become problematic and break down, leading to hot, uncomfortable environments for building occupants, and large repair or replacement bills for owners.

Instead of reacting to problems with your chiller and HVAC system, a customized preventive maintenance solution can help your bottom line by taking your facilities' needs into consideration. There are several factors to consider when maintaining a chiller outside of the system's mechanical needs, including regional and environmental resources, and running time. Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can address your building's needs and work with you to provide customized solutions.
Avoid Mold and Bacteria with Regular Coil Cleanings 
While HVAC systems can keep building occupants cool and comfortable, without proper cleaning and maintenance, they can also spread bacteria and mold throughout a building.
Condensation and evaporation can build up within a system's coils and, over time, allow bacteria and mold to develop and be distributed throughout the building. Mold and bacteria not only cause musty, unpleasant smells, but could also sicken building occupants. 
Bacteria and mold build up on coils can also cause your HVAC system to run inefficiently and limit the amount of air being processed through a system, while increasing operating costs. With more cooling demands in the summer, when was the last time your coils were properly cleaned and maintained?

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