Having sprung forward, it's official - Spring is indeed afloat and summer is just around the bend! We are here to help you get your boat ready for those glorious days when the sun doesn't hide and the Bay starts calling.

Good news is….we are busyyy! When you are ready to get your boat shipshape, give us a holler to schedule some Kyard time. But, please give us as much advance notice as possible, at least 30 days!
New gadgets and gear for your boat
Purchasing Manager Dave Kendig’s highlights the interesting products he comes across. Dave is also happy to answer any product-oriented questions you may have. Got a Yanmar diesel engine and looking for parts? Give Dave a call. Not only does KKMI have an extensive inventory on hand, but most importantly, Dave will make sure you get the part you need. You see, not all part numbers stay the same, and Dave is our resident guru when it comes to such matters.
Harken Gizmos
These are cool!
Gizmos are lightweight and reliable soft-attach terminations and anti-chafing through-deck pieces to use for new
builds, upgrades and refits.
Single-sided through-deck bushings that are designed to protect decks and lines from chafing in through-deck applications. Double-sided through-deck bushings are also available and are perfect for installing soft-attach loops to protect line from wear and also to keep them separate.
Padeye kits include a cross pin, waterproof cap and O-ring to convert a double-sided bushing into a through-deck, watertight padeye.

Looking back it's been a crazy year. Here is a little gem we put together that still rings true.
Some assembly required... we had some fun installing the "lid" on the beautiful Silver Seas Cantius 50
Some cringy, crunchy footage of the Mega Yacht GO crashing into the docks at the St Maarten Yacht Club. It was later revealed that a computer malfunction kept the captain from having control of the propulsion. Here are two angles of the crash:
Items found around the web - not serviced at KKMI
This guy got tired of blowing fuses so he's using bolts instead!
You can lead a horse to water... and apparently you can make him launch your boat
If you're going to be visiting a Kyard for service or parts, please review our protocols and be aware that we are requiring facial coverings and social distancing at both of our facilities. And if possible, consider phoning or emailing rather than visiting in person.
Why did pirates pierce their ears?
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You know what they say - "You ain't been around if you ain't run aground!" - What's the name of this famous shipwreck from 1910?

ANSWER: The Princess May
And thanks to Curtis Johnson for all the info!
S.S. Princess May on the rocks, Aug. 5, 1910.
The steamship S.S. Princess May, departed Skagway and was proceeding south down Lynn Canal in heavy fog when it ran aground on the rocks near the north end of Sentinel Island. It was high tide and the momentum of the ship forced it well up onto the rocks, with the bow jutting upward at an angle of 23 degrees. This produced a number of dramatic photos that were sold all over the west coast (to the captain’s everlasting shame, we’re sure).

Thanks to the close proximity of Sentinel Island, passengers, crew and valuable cargo were easily evacuated. After blasting rocks, the Princess May was eventually floated free and repaired.

Here are a couple of photos of the Johnson's 2018 summer trip to Alaska. Top left is Curtis and his wife Katie on a dinghy ride with icebergs in the background. Top right, their boat Aurora, a 2002 Hylas 46, in Glacier Bay. And the bottom photos is of a spinnaker run north up Lynn Canal from Juneau to Skagway and not far from Sentinel Island where Princess May ran aground. 
Covid farewell to Kam - he's headed north to be with family. He will be missed!
Another happy customer!
Meet Scuppers. We love to get Scuppers kisses when they come to the yard for surveys.
Joaquin getting into the swing of things at KKMI
Chris sets out to prove that he's our Number One Grease Monkey!
Michelle's eyes are spinning from all the boats coming in!
Instead of a cherry on top, it's a Manny on top!
Fans of our "Between the Sheets" submissions, we missed Jane and John Ready's Big Dude while it was in the Sausalito yard.
Thanks so much for sending this along!
Here are a few more "Between the Sheets" submissions for this month...
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