KNEWSLETTER - Special Holiday Issue 


We hope you're having a safe and warm holiday season! Our holiday party was particularly festive - Santa paid us a visit! We must have been very nice this year. 

There's lots of love and joy filling our hearts. Thank you all so much for helping us make 2018 an amazing year. We look forward to an incredible 2019!
by Paul Kaplan

Every year during our holiday party, I'm told that Santa makes an appearance. I get so frustrated because it always seems to coincide with the moment when I've stepped away to help a customer or replenish the champagne. This year was no different and I missed him again. At least there was photo evidence of his visit! He popped into the Boat House to spread some holiday cheer before pedaling off to his next stop. Thanks for the visit Santa, maybe I'll catch you next year!

From the bottom of our collective hearts, from our family to yours, we wish you a warm, safe and happy holiday season!
1949 - 2018

Sadly we said farewell to Ron Romaine. 

Ron was a cherished member of the KKMI family. He was our electronics guru and go to guy from various vendors for years before he came to officially join our family in 2006. 

I n the recent years, in his free time, Ron helped in restoring the USS Iowa. He always had a love for sailing and was in the Sea Scouts in his youth. He and his wife backpacked across Europe in their 20's. He raced in the Bullship race in his el Toro for many years and won in 1977. There are rumors that that wasn't his only win but we couldn't find the facts to verify that.

We are so thankful to have had him in our lives and a part of our family.
During the Holidays, we will be closed on a select number of days. 
Please make note of our Holiday closures and plan accordingly. 


A Nautical 12 Days of Christmas, sung by the Poop Decks
A Nautical 12 Days of Christmas, sung by the Poop Decks

Best Christmas Ever - SNL
Best Christmas Ever - SNL


We are looking for a few more good people. We need a few "Jacks of All (Boat) Trades" and we are also looking for a Carpenter/Shipwright.

 Come work with us! 

Visit our career page. Click here.

Randall Reeves is past the horn and chipping away at his journey. Taking a look at his track, he's over 7,500 nautical miles into his 40,000 total. 

Keep on trucking, Randall! We're here holding down the fort rooting for you!   Learn more.


This one comes to us from Randall Reeves on his Figure 8 Voyage. Randall was practicing his line splicing... what's wrong with this picture?

We can't get anything past you all. Randall got so excited about his beautiful splice that he forgot to insert the hardware before closing the loop. We heard from quite a few of you that this is so common, it's almost the equivalent of running aground - and you know what they say about running aground - "if you ain't run aground, you ain't been around!". Hopefully that's one of those lessons you only need to learn once. Better luck next time, Randall!

Congratulations to our big winner this month, Dana Wailes. Here he is on his boat becalmed North of the Brothers with Wendy at the helm of his Catalina 27, Delightful


Simply respond to this email with your answer, or send responses to Marianne:   with the subject line "Knewsletter Challenge" 

Winner will be selected randomly from all correct submissions. Winner will receive a cool canvas KKMI Rigger's bag. 


We lit up the El Toro this year and we love it! Hopefully this will become a tradition.

We had a great time at our holiday party! Santa paid us a visit and left these two very confused reindeer...


Lots of smiles and hugs for Ralf

Cheers to all and thanks for an amazing year!

Tim knows how to rock a holiday party

Mike's feeling a little... antlery...

Some of the Point Richmond gang

Some of the Sausalito clan

There were lots of laughs


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