Knewsletter Vol. 10

We ate the hot dogs, we watched the fireworks, we sang the patriotic songs... with July 4th well in our wake we've got the rest of the summer to look forward to! And  luckily for us, the boating season can be a year-round event. 

If you're one of those people who like to take advantage of other adventures in the November to April time frame ,  this is a great time to get that check list together of boat projects you want to do in the winter months. This has been a particularly warm summer (inland, anyway) so i f you're thinking of transforming your cockpit into a dipping pool or want to install a slide from the flybridge, we have people who can do that!  Or maybe it's just time for a bottom job; we can handle that for you too. 

If you're thinking of getting your bottom done, be sure to check out our current special and get your boat buffed and waxed at 50% off when you get your bottom painted. Ooooo... also, big news on the bottom painting circuit - Irgarol is back! We have paint in stock and ready to go. See the article in the Knewsletter below about Irgarol. 

Be sure to make your reservation for one of our indoor spaces. Together, we can turn your boat into everything you've ever dreamed of!

See you out on the Bay!
by Paul Kaplan

The other day I heard a client who's been coming to KKMI for over 20 years say that one of the benefits of owning a boat is that it's like having a "vacation on demand." While I've never said those exact words, I know our family feels the same way. From the moment we step aboard there's an immediate sense of relaxation and peace. It's like insta-vacation mode.. It doesn't matter what boat we're aboard or where it's berthed.  We feel a unique sense of calm but also a bit of excitement ...all at the same time. Go figure!?  Read more.
Congratulations to Jennifer Thornton! She was our lucky winner from the Boat Show haul out contest.She's cashed in on her prize and is currently in the boatyard getting her Shock 30 - Shock Full of Nuts - ready for sailing.

Before the Italian sponsored Mod 70 headed for Hawaii, it was hanging out at KKMI as the Maserati team got it ready. It was truly a pleasure having the team in the yard; they were always very friendly and professional. They made putting a 90' mast on a 70' boat look easy. 

Launching the Mod 70 Maserati at KKMI Boatyard in Point Richmond 
Launching the Mod 70 Maserati at KKMI Boatyard in Point Richmond
Unfortunately, one of Maserati's rudders made high speed contact with a piece of debris during the Transpac race to Hawaii and is currently limping towards the finish. Read more.

The old rudder

The new rudder 

The new rudder with the Pacific Ocean debris modifications (photo courtesy of


Randal Reeves has been in the yard preparing for his Figure 8 voyage. Not only is what he's attempting to do extremely fascinating, but also the man himself is quite approachable and enjoyable to talk to. He's a "regular" guy doing a pretty extraordinary thing. We'll keep you posted on his highlights on our Facebook page. If you're so inclined, do yourself a favor and "like" Randal's facebook page to check out his progress as he gets ready to leave. Follow along as he embarks on his journey, and consider donating to support his adventure. 


Meet e-motion. She's a fully electric tender commissioned at KKMI. We think she's the first of her kind. Keep an eye out for her around the Marin/Tiburon waterfront. 

We like crafty and helpful... we could use crafty and helpful... have you considered working with us?

We are always looking for talented craftsmen and women. If you or someone you know is a gifted craftsperson, electrician, mechanic, metal fabricator, fiberglass expert, jack of all trades, shipwright... please do send them our way. This is a great place to work!

Applications can be submitted in person, via email or fax to either location. Contact details here.


Get 50% off your Buff and Wax with the purchase of a Bottom Painting Package. 


Last knewsletter's challenge...  we asked you to guess what got caught up in this prop. We gave extra points for creativity! Remember, you have to play to win!

The actual story came from Club Nautique founder, Don Durant. This Jeanneau NC-9 was being used for a powerboating class when it struck something below the waterline... e ven the most vigilant of lookouts couldn't have seen it... thank goodness the owner wasn't still wearing it! The good news is, the  instructor had the good sense to shut down the engine before any damage was done. It just proves the adage that $hi# happens.

This was our choice of best answer submitted.

Submitted by Joanne Marquez 
It's a mechanic's monkey suit... like the one in this picture... gee, you'd better check to see that you have your full team!

This is Joanne on her Catalina 36 outside the gate. Congratulations Joanne! We'll be getting you your KKMI swag very soon!


This is Jesse from the yard in Sausalito... what is this "instrument" that Jesse is playing?
Simply respond to this email with your answer, or send responses to Marianne:   with the subject line "Knewsletter Challenge" 

Winner will be selected randomly from all correct submissions.  Winner gets some cool KKMI swag - Remember, you have to play to win!


In between Knewsletters, we post lots of fun stuff like these amazing shots captured by Leslie Richter of whales frolicking just outside the Golden Gate!


Meet Leland, ex-Marine, KKMI craftsman and sailor extraordinaire... or at least aspiring to become one. Leland is part of KKMI's rigging, mechanical and systems department. We must also say, he's an all-around enjoyable person to work with. When he's not at KKMI, you'll find him sailing on some of the coolest boats on the planet. Oh, and as to those goals of becoming a bit of a sailing rockstar - check out some photos of him on Extreme II, a C&C 30 during the North American Challenge at Block Island Race Week. He and his team took first place! Woot! Woot!!! We are really glad to have him as part of our team. 


Meet Bear & Zita! They've been trodding around the yard while their person has work done on her Fantasia 35' Coconut. They are both very friendly and always happy to see you. Love those sweet smiling faces!


Every boat has a story. We love being embedded in those lines. 

Here is Eduardo making this beautiful boat even more gorgeous with a new coat of blue paint. Look at that shine!!! Nice job as always!

Applying the paint -

Prepping for the boot stripe - 

Jose is always full of smiles. 

Thanks to our rigging special, we got extra recycling money for beer Fridays this month. Thank you for all of your contributions!

Mike and Brian conspire to fix things right!

Please send your photos of the yard or photos of you out enjoying your boat after visiting the yard. We love to see and share your stories!


Until we pop back into your inbox... we hope to see you around the Bay or in the Kyard!

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