Knewsletter Vol. 13


It's been awhile since we last appeared in your inbox. We've been keeping quite busy with our usual boat yard antics. We crossed the finish line with the Pac 52s and bid a fair adieu to Randall Reeves on his Figure 8 Voyage. 

Cooler weather is in the air and that turns our focus to wintertime projects and indoor space. We have specials on paint, rigging and hardware for additional upgrades you're planning this season.

With the holidays fast approaching, let us know if we can help getting your boat up to speed for Thanksgiving aboard or get her ready for the Lighted Boat Parades!

We hope to see you in the yard or out on the water soon!

by Paul Kaplan
We all have a favorite local restaurant. You might visit this place almost weekly or you may save this place for special occasions. Typically, the restaurant is owned and managed by someone who greets you at the door. They'll visit your table during the meal, ask about your family and genuinely welcome you like an old friend. 

During high school I worked as a greeter in a restaurant and ushered customers to their table. (I was never much of a cook.) I had the opportunity to observe first-hand how the owner and customer interacted. I came to learn early on that owning a restaurant is a tough way to make a living. There are so 
many things that can go wrong. Read more. 

We realize that you have choices when it comes time to have your bottom done. We put serious effort into making sure that we are, at the very least, competitive with our pricing, but more importantly, we take great pride in the fact that we strive to go above and beyond with the product we deliver. 

To that point, we created a document that highlights our attention to detail and superior quality. You can read more here

And here is a short video version of the document. We hope you enjoy it and please feel free to call us to discuss how we can help you with your next project. 

KKMI Bottom Jobs


We had the pleasure of giving an old beauty a new look! Thanks so much to the owner of Ocean Queen V for letting us work on such an important project.


We so proud of the people who work here - being a family run business, we embrace the family vibe. If you know someone who would be a fit in our family of craftspeople, we would love the opportunity to meet with them.   

We are offering a FREE BOTTOM JOB to anyone who recommends a successful hire to KKMI.  

Come Work for KKMI
Come Work for KKMI

We are currently seeking craftspeople for both of our locations. 
Please visit our Careers page for details. 

On a bittersweet note, we would like to send wishes of fair winds and following seas to Caleb, his wife, and their dog Barnacle as they head South on their sailing adventures.

Caleb is one of the most versatile craftspeople we have ever had the honor of working alongside, not to mention he's an all-around likable guy. He will be missed!  

We will be keeping the light on for you, Caleb, and we look forward to you sailing back to our docks some day! 

It was an honor to have Randall Reeves in the yard while he prepared for his Figure 8 Voyage. You can learn more about his single handed, record breaking voyage here. You can track his progress here

On Friday we wished him fair winds as he headed out. He spent the night in Horseshoe Cove under the Golden Gate Bridge, and on Saturday he headed out the Gate. 

We are excited to see your adventures Randal! 

Meet Jose. Some of you may know Jose after years of work in the industry  commissioning new yachts If you own a Beneteau, Island Packet, Lagoon and even a few Alerions, Jose is likely to have commissioned your boat for the Bay. With thanks, h e's now  joined  the team at KKMI ... a welcome and happy addition to the family! Next time you're at the  Pt.  Richmond yard be sure to say hi!


Even if they appear the same - make sure you know what you're getting. It's important that you understand the best practices and attention to finish details that can significantly affect the integrity and longevity of your bottom job. 

Visit: to read a document outlining what sets KKMI bottom jobs apart from the rest.

Our two service facilities offer more indoor work space than any other boatyard in California. Book space NOW for your wintertime projects and take advantage of these extra special offers.


It's time to play Family Feud! 

Of the 100 people we surveyed, top 8 answers are on the board. 

"Why do people go to the boatyard?"

You've got two strikes because Grandpa said "Boob Job" after hearing that the number one answer was 'Bottom Job', and your Mother in Law said "To spend my daughter's vacation money". 

For the win... 100 people surveyed... "Why do people go to the boatyard?"

No one got it right! Bzzzzzzzzzz!!!

The correct answer was Engine Service! You may not think of it but we do quite a bit of engine repair. 



Adorning the walls at KKMI are some photo collages from years gone by... back when you actually needed to go out in public to interact with people... when you would physically come together and raise a glass and talk... that's what we used to call networking! 

Flashback circa 2001! Name the characters in this photo.

Simply respond to this email with your answer, or send responses to Marianne:   with the subject line "Knewsletter Challenge" 

Winner will be selected randomly from all correct submissions. 

Here is a previous knewsletter winner, Virginia with her new KKMI Dock Lines! Look at that smile! Let us make YOU smile like this... you have to play to win!


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Meet Amber. She's been coming through the yard lately. This is a bit of a cheater because her parents don't actually have a boat any longer, they're here getting some minor help with their land yacht... BUT Amber is somewhat of a local celebrity as she belongs to local artist and bay area legend Jim DeWitt and his wife Sallie. It's always a pleasure to have them in the yard for any reason. 

You can check out Jim's website and get your own personal paintings done!


Launching Willow in the sunrise.

Min Flicka's previous owners sent us this picture and suggested that we should reach out to the new owners and let her know when it's time for a bottom job,  KKMI took quite good care of her. 

This little chicken wandered into our yard... a very interesting story about a man and his boat... and his chicken...

In the "Birdhouse" there's a flock of assorted feathers...

Baykeeper getting a new bottom

And as always... so nice to see the smiling faces around the yard... 

Smilin' Greg

Elvis showing off his ride


Every boat has a story. We love being embedded in those lines. Share your stories with us!

Please send your photos of the yard or photos of you out enjoying your boat after visiting the yard. We love to see and share your stories!


Until we pop back into your inbox... we hope to see you around the Bay or in the Kyard!

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