Knewsletter Vol. 14


We didn't want to let 2017 slip away without taking the opportunity to extend a very sincere "THANK YOU!" for your patronage. It is our greatest joy to be able to participate in facilitating your boating habit. 

We hope you have a happy, safe and enjoyable holiday season! We look forward to serving you in the coming year.

by Paul Kaplan

Like many of us, when I reflect over the year it seems like time flew by in a shot. This year at KKMI, we were so busy, the start to finish was a veritable blur!
Suffice it to say, without your support and confidence in allowing us to be part of your nautical world, we wouldn't have been so busy and have so much to be thankful for. So, from the entire family at KKMI, from the bottom of our bilges to the tops of our mastheads we can't thank you enough. Wishing you and yours a wonderful and safe holiday season.
What do we see on the horizon for 2018? 
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Checking in with Randall. He sent this photo before he got into some really heavy seas. He's currently holding tight and Moli is proving a sturdy companion.   Follow his journey on his blog


The Bird Boat fleet has been sailing on the Bay since 1920! They are stout & sturdy and perfect for the Bay.  KKMI has been a strong supporter of the Bird Boat fleet. Pictured below - Kookaburra back in the water after an extensive overhaul. 

Here are some photos of her restoration... we have what it takes to make these beauties whole again...

We currently have two boats in need of a loving adoption. They  have been patiently waiting in the yard for someone to make them whole again.  

In the picture below: Swallow is in the foreground being moved. She is going to need a total overhaul - like what  Kookaburra went through.  Puffin is in the background on the stands. She's closer to being complete, but will still need a good deal of work to get her sailing.

Getting them sailing on the Bay again is our New Year's wish. Repairs will be costly but if you're a lover of history and classic wood boats, there is nothing like a Bird. If you were in the market for an Alerion, you could have a (basically) BRAND NEW Bird instead! 

Ultimately, we are looking for someone with the wherewithal to get the boats back on the water - which will not be an easy task. KKMI is willing to foster that effort as much as possible. (But, sorry, no D.I.Y. in the yard.) The new owner(s) will have to demonstrate that they have the funds, the skills and the resources to fix the boat(s) properly and would be contractually obligated to get the boat(s) back into sailing condition. 


We are so proud of the people who work here - being a family-run business, we embrace the family vibe. If you know someone who would be a good fit in our team of craftspeople, we would love the opportunity to meet with them.   

We are offering a FREE BOTTOM JOB to anyone who recommends a successful hire to KKMI.  

Come Work for KKMI
Come Work for KKMI

We are currently seeking craftspeople for both of our locations. 
Please visit our Careers page for details. 

We had our Christmas party with the crews from both yards. It's always nice to have the whole "family" under one roof and share some holiday cheer!

Dr Seuss has Thing 1 and Thing 2... we have Miguel 1 and Miguel 2! Equally as entertaining. :)

Hugs were in no short supply!

Generations joined in 

Paul is mad about Christmas gifts!

Jesse got his!

Janis got hers!

And the Sausalito gang got their foozeball on

And a message from Ken...

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a slideshow of our family for the year:

You heard it here first! Get ready for our rigging promotion starting the first of the year! 

Our two service facilities offer more indoor work space than any other boatyard in California. Book space NOW for your wintertime projects and take advantage of these extra special offers.   


OK... we hear you - we're making these either too hard or too obscure. No one was able to tell us who was in the photo. Granted, it was from about 20 years ago so we can understand. In fact, we were hoping you could tell us. It looks like there's some serious conversation happening here.



Identify the six(6) differences between the two photos below. 

Simply respond to this email with your answer, or send responses to Marianne:   with the subject line "Knewsletter Challenge" 

Winner will be selected randomly from all correct submissions. 

Here is a previous knewsletter winner, Virginia with her new KKMI Dock Lines! Look at that smile! Let us make YOU smile like this... you have to play to win!


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Meet Lira, she's Katie's doggie. She's the enthusiastic greeter when she's in Point Richmond and the welcome committee when she's in Sausalito. 

Lira loves swimming and chasing birds at the beach, going sailing, giving kisses and taking long naps. Pine cones are her favorite treasure. Lira loves everything except being left behind.


Escapade, the 1937 Phillip Rhodes thoroughbred that had taken up residence in the Point Richmond yard, has been given a second lease on life. With some quick modifications to her trailer by our wizard of welding, Joel, she was able to be moved down the street to Rutherford Boat Works where she'll be getting a total refit. 

Richard shows off his wheels

California Parks and Rec's landing barge CLAM

Loving this sexy little slice of the past. 

Every boat has a story. We love being embedded in those lines. Share your stories with us!

Please send your photos of the yard or photos of you out enjoying your boat after visiting the yard. We love to see and share your stories!


Until we pop back into your inbox... we hope to see you around the Bay or in the Kyard!

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