Knewsletter Vol. 12

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!" It's back to school time! Whether you have kids or not, this commercial is pretty genius... we have visions of creating our own version... you spinning around the yard on a ladder painting the bottom of your boat.. perhaps we'll work on that for our springtime Knewsletter when the yard is a flurry with snowbirds returning from their ski chalets to get ready for the season. Hmmm... we'll workshop that one over the winter. 

Speaking of winter... like it or not, it'll be here before you know it. Be sure to book now for your wintertime projects so you're sure to get the space you need! Pssst... check out our upcoming specials in the "This Month's Specials" section below. ;)

In the meantime, there is still plenty of good boating to be had out there... Big Boat Series is coming and Fleet Week is always an amazing time to be on the water. 

We hope to see you out on the Bay!
by Paul Kaplan

Well, here we are on the cusp of Labor Day weekend. Alas, for many sailors around the country this means the end of the sailing season. Not so here in Northern California; in fact some of the best sailing of the year is about to begin. The Delta will cool off a bit and with this, the air conditioner that pumps 20+ knots of breeze down the middle of the Bay will begin to moderate.  The waning daylight may not allow us to be on the water until 8:00 pm or later, but this truly is my favorite time of year.
For us at KKMI, summer has zoomed by. Our spring was quite busy and both of the yards never seemed to slow down, as it typically does in the summer. The consequence of which has been an increase in turn-around time for a few projects in the yards and for some, getting an appointment to haul out has been delayed. One of the reasons why we've been so busy stems from a "problem" that many US companies are dealing with due to our improved economy: the lack of qualified workers.
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(psssst... incentives inside)

We're pretty excited about this new promotional video. We feel as though it sums up the spirit of KKMI. We hope you enjoy it! Share it with your friends!

Thanks so much to Brian, Carlos & Chris at Long Productions!

The fleet of Pac 52s has grown! It's almost like watching race horses in the stables before a big race. They show up with their fancy containers and rock star sailors all a buzz about the yard, rigging and tuning and tweaking their stallions.
In a recent edition of  L'ectronic Latitude, they commented on the Pac52s and their growing numbers:   "This new California-based fleet is quickly gaining momentum and cementing itself as one of the world's premier racing fleets."   

Keep an eye out for them on the Bay soon as they prepare for Big Boats
sponsored by St. Francis Yacht Club in September.  

Badpak (far right) get's her mast stepped. Next door is  Invisible Hand and next to her is  Beau Geste . We're awaiting the arrival of  Rio and  Gladiator any day now. This should be some exciting racing! 

We will be at the 
 September 2nd-4th in the Tallship Exhibit tent.

September 7th - 10th

We like talented and happy... are you talented and happy? Have you considered working with us?

We are always looking for talented craftsmen and women. If you or someone you know is a gifted craftsperson, electrician, mechanic, metal fabricator, fiberglass expert, jack of all trades, shipwright... please do send them our way. This is a great place to work!

We are currently offering a FREE BOTTOM JOB  - with any successful hire. Referral or signing bonus - we get a talented technician - somebody's getting a bottom job.

Applications can be submitted in person, via email or fax to either location. Contact details here.


For just a few more days... lock in this awesome deal on a Buff & Wax!
Get 50% off your Buff and Wax with the purchase of a Bottom Painting Package. Expires August 31st.  Learn more...  

Exclusive Knewsletter sneak peak... Starting September 1st... 

Our two service facilities offer more indoor work space than any other boatyard in California. Book space NOW for your wintertime projects and take advantage of these extra special offers. 


This is Jesse from the yard in Sausalito... what is this "instrument" that Jesse is playing?

Many of you told us this was to easy... regardless, you still have to play to win. While we really liked Jill Z's submission: "It looks like Jesse's playing the 'battery blues'!" Jesse was playing the "Travel Lift". That is the remote control for our travelift in Sausalito.

Viginia Luchetti!  This is Virginia on her Jeanneau 36, Aquamarine at Angel Island Congratulations Virginia!


It's time to play Family Feud! 

Of the 100 people we surveyed, top 8 answers are on the board. 

"Why do people go to the boatyard?"

You've got two strikes because Grandpa said "Boob Job" after hearing that the number one answer was 'Bottom Job', and your Mother in Law said "To spend my daughter's vacation money". 

For the win... 100 people surveyed... "Why do people go to the boatyard?"
Simply respond to this email with your answer, or send responses to Marianne:   with the subject line "Knewsletter Challenge" 

Winner will be selected randomly from all correct submissions. 

Here is this Knewsletter's winner - Virginia with her new KKMI Dock Lines! Look at that smile! Let us make YOU smile like this... you have to play to win!


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Meet Olive, aka Pickle. She's Craftsman Barrett's little firecracker. Always on guard to keep the yard safe. He adopted her from the San Francisco pound when she was a puppy. She loves to hang out at the yard and make sure everyone stays on their toes. 


It was a total eclipse of the yard... 

Turn around... 

Every now and then we get a little bit goofy... 

Manny mixin' it up in Sausalito. Believe it or not... that IS his smile! 

Hi Jose!

Hey, Roberto! How's your day going?

Bob demonstrating how NOT to use a ladder.

Will, doin his thing - at least as he puts it - prettying up the place a bit. 

Miguel always has a smile.

Every boat has a story. We love being embedded in those lines. Share your stories with us!

Please send your photos of the yard or photos of you out enjoying your boat after visiting the yard. We love to see and share your stories!


Until we pop back into your inbox... we hope to see you around the Bay or in the Kyard!

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