Knewsletter Vol. 10

"The ghostly winter silence had given way to the great spring murmur of awakening life. This murmur arose from all the land, fraught with the joy of living. It came from the things that lived and moved again, things which had been as dead and which had not moved during the long months of frost. The sap was rising in the pines. The willows and aspens were bursting out in young buds. Shrubs and vines were putting on fresh garbs of green. Crickets sang in the nights, and in the days all manner of creeping, crawling things rustled forth into the sun."
~ Jack London, The Call of the Wild 

Hot blazey weekends are in our sights... weekends where you and everyone you know will come crawling out of the woodwork looking for a way to get on the water. Jack London knows what he's talking about... get your creepy crawly butts over to the yard and get your boat ready to rustle forth into the sea and sun!
by Paul Kaplan

As a business owner, I believe it's essential to understand the public perception of your company. The problem is, gaining such insights from sources other than the internet isn't all that easy. This may come as a surprise, but many people won't tell you what they least not to your face.  As fate would have it, I was at a sailing venue  near the bar with my back turned to a group of folks discussing the best place to take your boat for repairs. My ears perked up. One fellow emphatically stated that KKMI only caters to hotshot racers and they are really expensive. He went on to say that he hadn't actually ever been to KKMI, it's just what he had heard. With a much-needed adult beverage  now in hand I  moved away from the group to consider the can our public perception be so far from the truth? Read more.
We had such a nice time at the Boat Show. It is always such a treat to see so many familiar faces and meet some new folks! 

We had some fun with our "Hauly Green Giant Jr." and his passenger "Myrtle the Turtle". If we didn't terrorize you with our mini travelift, we apologize, and we'll be sure to catch you next year!

Your first trip to the yard could be stressful when you don't know what to expect. Here's some great advice to set you up for a successful boatyard experience.

We've got a new fresh look! Check out our new website and let us know what you think! 

Too bad the guys from Jaws didn't visit KKMI before heading out to sea. You want a bigger boat? You got it! Sadie K is getting a tail job... we're adding 6 feet to her stern. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

We are always looking for talented craftsmen and women. If you or someone you know is a gifted craftsman, electrician, mechanic, metal fabricator, fiberglass expert, jack of all trades, shipwright... please do send them our way. This is a great place to work!

Applications can be submitted in person, via email or fax to either location. Contact details here.


Launched in 2003, this yacht has been professionally maintained from the moment of her christening by her extremely knowledgeable owner, captain and crew. Never raced or chartered, Red Sky has been kept to highest standards. 

The yacht received an extensive 8-month refit at Maine's Lyman Morse yard in the spring of 2012 and has undergone pre-Caribbean servicing each year of her life by the same craftsmen. 

Red Sky is a true showpiece suitable for the most discerning yachtsman. 

Contact Paul Kaplan to learn more. 


Last month's challenge, we asked you to identify the different parts of a rig. Even those who didn't attend our Rigging Seminar were able to figure this one out. In fact, we even had a Fisherman win this one! Goes to show... you should always try! Thank you to all of your entries. Remember, you have to play to win!


a) Backstay
b) Runners (Running Backstays)
c) Checkstay
d) Forestay
e) Cutter stay
f) Inner Forestay/Baby stay

Johnny Tucker with the big one that didn't get away!

Dan Dunkel on his Wylie during the Three Bridge Fiasco


What the? See if you can guess what this is that got caught up in this prop. We give extra points for creativity! 

Send responses to Marianne:   with the subject line "Knewsletter Challenge"

Winner will be selected randomly from all correct submissions.  Winner gets a set of KKMI lines! Woot! Woot! Here is past winner, Scott, with his prize... Look at that smile! We want to make you smile like that! 


In between Knewsletters, we post lots of fun stuff like this photo of two Mod 70s switching places in the yard. Maserati - the record smashing modified Mod 70 is getting geared up to try and take the record for fastest trip to Hawaii in the upcoming Transpac.


Meet Buddy

As you can see, Buddy keeps everyone in the Sausalito crew happy. We asked Buddy's owner, Dave to tell us a little more about this special companion. Here's what he wrote:

Buddy is about 8 yrs old. We're not sure exactly though as he was a rescue dog. He was taken to a Veterinarian friend of mine who nursed him back from a serious case of pneumonia when he was about 1 and a half.  My son and I adopted him once he was on the mend.
I had to leave him back east in North Carolina 2 years ago when I moved out since I wasn't sure how my living situation would turn out once I arrived. I figured I would go back within the first year to get him when I got settled... never thought 1 year would turn into 2 so fast.
Finally last week I was able to fly back and get him. With the exception of seriously missing him every day for the last 2 years, it's almost as if we never missed a day.
He loves being in the yard and has made himself right at home. He bolts from the truck every morning to greet every tech in the yard and I'd say he's had a pretty positive effect on the yard as all the guys seem to enjoy having him around. Even Ken stops to give him a scratch on the noggin.
So far, his new favorite California spot is the dog park in Mill Valley. He likes to swim, fetch tennis balls and flirt with the girls.
I feel extremely fortunate to be able to bring him to work with me! 


Every boat has a story. We love being embedded in those lines. 

Orion  after a long stint at the yard goes back in the water while Maserati takes her place. Having two Mod 70s in the Bay Area is pretty cool... having them both at the yard... is AWESOME!

Here are a few shots from a stroll around the Point Richmond yard. It's so amazing to see all the diversity in boats and jobs. Working in a boat yard is fun. 

These two shots remind me of Caddyshack... "Hey! You scratched my anchor!"

We handed out our 2017 crew shirts this week. Everyone looked so sharp, we had to share! 

And for a super Awwwwwwww moment... here's Paul with his grandson Will checking out the work on their new (to them) Cal 20 - Sprite. Will seems to approve!

Speaking of Awwwww... Look who we spotted in the latest edition of Latitude 38! (page 72)

These guys wear a lot of hats! Literally! Check out their new summertime digs!

Bob knows how to stay cool on a hot day! We ALL scream for ice cream!!!


Until we pop back into your inbox... we hope to see you around the Bay or in the Kyard!

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