JUNE 2018
June 2018 Newsletter
Welcome to the MultiSport Canada Newsletter for June 2018.

The Skechers Performance Triathlon Series presented by Martin's Family Fruit Farm kicks off in just a few weeks on June 23 and 24 in Welland - The Rose City.

We hope to see you all there and at many of our events this season. We've got an unprecedented year of excitement ahead. Read on to get a preview.
Series News
Are You Ready for Welland 2018?
 Closed Bike Course for Sunday, New Finish Line & More!
Some reasons why you should be at our season opener in Welland on June 23/24.

  • Sprint & Give-It-A-Tri Triathlons both now offering a fully closed bike course. That's right! No cars at all on the bike course! 

  • Long Course - Revised bike course eliminates two way cycling traffic from Feeder Road with a new section through Wainfleet along the Mill Race Rd creek, making for a safer and more scenic ride. 

  • Run course - modified to a two lap circuit and runners will now run past the Grandstands 4 times in total during the long course run.

  • New Finish Line Location!

  • Long Course Provincial Championships (June 23) - We host it for the first time at Welland.

  • Sprint Triathlon (June 24) - Offers ONE ITU Qualification spot in each age group per gender.

Ontario Women's Triathlon: Danielle's story
New to Triathlon? Free Beginner Clinics & Training Program
Registered for your First Race? Thinking about doing a triathlon? Or have done a few and would like some additional guidance? If so, we've got some opportunities for you in 2018.

Sessions presented by Paolina Allan and Roger Hospedales of PR Endurance Training.

Saturday June 23 @ 3:30 pm @ Welland
Wednesday July 11 @ 6pm De La Salle Park, Georgina
Sunday July 22 @ 9am De La Salle Park, Georgina

Clinics will cover everything you need to be successful at your race. At the clinics you can expect to go for a swim, practice transitions, and head out on a run. Feel free to bring your bike and head out for a ride on your own after the clinic is completed.

Here's a FREE 12 week Beginner Training Program to get you on right track.
MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series

Some photos from the Honda Waterfront 5k, 10k and Half Marathon yesterday! Congratulations to all the runners and hope to see you out next year!

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Aquila Cycles - 5 Tips For Race Day
Race season is fast approaching and there is less than a month before MultiSport Canada’s first triathlon in Welland. We are super excited to be at the race on June 23-24th and meet all the amazing athletes racing that weekend.

Will it be your first race this season? Maybe your first triathlon ever? Remember these bike tips to get your bike race ready for the first race of the season.

1. Take your bike into your local bike shop to ensure that your bike is all tuned up so you don’t have any unexpected issues on race day

2. Make your bike as efficient as possible and keep your bike and chain clean

3. Check your tire pressure the morning of your race. Suggested PSI: 100. Remember if it’s hot out, adjust accordingly.

4. Keep your bike in a high (easy) gear so you’re off to a flying start when you get on the bike

5. Have fun!

We will be at the Welland race on Saturday and Sunday to answer any questions that you may have about your bike on race day.

Come check out our booth, learn about the 2018 Aquila lineup, and get race ready!

The roads are waiting. Let’s ride. Check out our website & follow us on Instagram: @aquilacycles
Fundraise for SickKids through the Toronto Island Triathlon
During this triathlon, it's not you VS the swim, the bike, the run (and what better place than Toronto Island to take part?). It's you VS the greatest challenges in child health, because you're participating on behalf of SickKids.

By participating in the Toronto Island Triathlon and fundraising for sickKids, you'll be helping SickKids take advantage of huge advances in regenerative medicine, robotics, and genetics - just to name a few - to tackle the toughest diseases.

So no matter where you place, kids win.

Stoked Oats - The Official Breakfast Sponsor
Stoked Oats is excited to be the official breakfast sponsor of Multisport Canada for the 2018 season.

Simon Donato, President and CEO of Stoked Oats and host of television’s Boundless series has been a long time friend of Multisport Canada.

“Multisport Canada is a great event company and well aligned with our goal of delivering the best experience possible to every customer. We know that each MSC event will be well run, challenging, fun, and safe and are excited to be the official breakfast sponsor for 2018.”

Stoked Oats is a Canadian company founded in 2011 in Calgary AB, serving gluten free, non-gmo, high protein, preservative free oatmeal with no added sugar.

All registered MSC competitors will receive a 20% off discount code for online orders at www.stokedoats.com.
Swagman - The Official Sport Rack supplier
Swagman joins Multisport Canada series as official sport rack supplier

Swagman, the Penticton, BC based company is excited to be partnering up with Multisport Canada for the 2018 season as the Official Rack Supplier. Swagman has a full range of sport rack solutions for your triathlon needs from - zero frame contact - roof top and hitch mounted bike racks to in garage storage solutions as well as roof racks for kayaks, canoes and surf skis to help someone keep you company on those open water swim days. “With 4 Swagman employees from southern Ontario who are all familiar with the series we recognize its importance and are all thrilled to be involved,” says Swagman’s Director of Sales Dave Michael. The brand counts 2006 Ironman Canada champion Jasper Blake, multiple time Ironman Canada podium finisher Jen Annett and Emanuela Bandol the 2017 ITU Off Road Triathlon World Champion as Brand Ambassadors. “Nearly everyone in our company is, was or is attempting to be yet again, an athlete. We have multiple ironman, ultraman and other crazies on our sales team and we look forward to supporting Multisport Canada and their athletes as the Official Rack Supplier for MSC,” add Michael.

Ride, paddle, explore. Seek your adventure.

That philosophy was the intention of founders Jim and Jan Morris who saw an opportunity to create a better way to transport your bike back in the early 90’s. Swagman was one of the first companies worldwide to design and market a hitch style bike rack. Over the years, that small bike rack company based in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia grew to include numerous other ground breaking designs in the North American Bicycle, RV and Automobile markets.

For more details on the brand visit: www.swagman.net.
Vorgee - The Vortech Goggle Line
Summer is officially on the way! Which means more opportunities for you to enjoy some open water swimming!

This month, we at Vorgee want to teach you about our Vortech goggle line. The Vortech is one of our most popular open water goggles due to it’s unparalleled visual quality. The Vortech features a wide-angle lens with 140° field of view and anti-fog injected during the moulding process. The Vortech also features an ultra-soft, ultra-light, TPE frame. This material morphs to the unique contours of your face, providing a comfortable, leak-free fit, and bouncing back to its original shape once you’re done your swim.

New this year to the Vortech line are the sizing additions of the Vortech Max, Narrow fit, and Junior, as well as the new Vortech Polarized for better vision outdoors! The Vortech line will be available this summer at MultiSport Events, as well as at your local retailers and on oceanjunction.com!
Blade Carbon Wheels 2nd Generation
Multisport...Why? "Swimming is for Suckers"
Has anyone ever told you that no matter what you’re doing, it should be fun, or there’s no point? Let’s put that oft-used statement into perspective. I have completed a few triathlons and half Ironman events… not fun! Not because of the distance, but because they kept the swimming portion in. I’m not a fan of “the swimming.” I don’t like to get into the cold car in the winter, hop in the always cold, eye-burning, nasal drip-instigating pool and practice endless, mind numbing, tedious end-to-end drills, which I never seem to improve on.

Don’t misunderstand, I am not bitter, it is a fact. I was told by my lovely girlfriend, Danica, that after two years and a couple swim clinics I was the only person she ever knew that actual got worse. Needless to say I am back to duathlons. My motto is “Swimming is for Suckers”…or quite frankly those that enjoy it, or are good at swimming, but you can see how that wouldn’t be a catchy motto.

Long Distance Triathlon Racing 101
If you are preparing for a half iron distance this season, such as Barrelman, below is a list of things to consider as you are preparing for race day. Whether you take 4 hours or 8 hours, it is a large amount of time to be pushing your body outside it’s comfort zone. Here some things to consider:

1. Nutrition – Day to day nutrition is very important for recovery between workouts in the same day and from one day to the next. Many long distance athletes think they can eat whatever they want because they burn so many calories, but the fact is, we need our bodies to heal after workouts and in order to do that we need to be eating nutrient dense foods. That means vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and lean proteins.

2. Sports Nutrition – What you eat before, during and after your workout is important for both performance and recovery. Sixty to ninety minutes pre workout aim to eat a high glycemic carbohydrate that will give you quick access to energy. During a workout 90 minutes or longer (OR a shorter workout with a lot of intensity) you should be consuming one to two 750ml bottles of electrolyte drink (the amount depends on the amount that you sweat) and getting in 60-90 grams of carbohydrates per hour (the amount depends on your body size) through a combination of sports bars, gels and sports drink. Fat and protein should be minimized during exercise as it takes more energy to digest these macronutrients and can cause digestive distress. Look at the sports products you are using and come up with a combination that gets you what you need. Aim to get the calories in by taking them frequently throughout each hour so you have a constant supply.

3. Get comfortable on your bike! – Because of our climate, location and the availability of programs like zwift it is easy to get comfortable riding your bike on your indoor trainer and not going outside as often. However, going outside, especially as a new rider, is very important for you to get comfortable on your bike. This means feel good about cornering, knowing how to respond to things like gravel on the road or riding over a pothole or dealing with wind.

4. Manage your efforts – Knowing your training and racing heart rate zones is very important for all of us but becomes even more important as the distance of your race increases. How a certain heart rate feels at the start of a 90km bike ride, for example, versus at the end of it are very different. Knowing your zones and having a race plan based on that (that you have practiced!) will allow you to race strong and steady and help to avoid hitting that “wall” that is often hit from pushing too hard at the beginning. Racing a longer distance like this requires patience. It is a long way to go and requires patience to follow your plan mile after mile after mile and not respond to what other athletes may be doing around you.

5. Practice, practice, practice – Training at your race intensity for long durations, while following your nutrition plan exactly, is very important for making sure your body is ready to accept it on race day. You need to be familiar with the (both physical and mental) feelings you will have as you go through the race. Know what your body will feel like physically after completing a 90km bike ride at prescribed intensity and then starting to run. Know what you may experience mentally at the 60km mark on the bike ride, as this is typically where everyone has a holy sh*t moment thinking about how far they have come yet how far they have left. Learn how to deal with these things and not be surprised with them on race day. Training your body to accept the nutrition that you plan to give it is also important. Many times athletes are resistant to taking so many calories during workouts, however along it with it being important for performance and recovery day to day, it is also important for training your digestive tract to accept it.

There are a lot of things to think about when you decide to attempt a half ironman distance race such as Barrelman and this holds true for someone doing their first one and someone who has done many of them already. For those doing their first, we want you to get through your first race feeling strong and positive. After that, it’s about tweaking things to get a series of small improvements that all add up. Talk to your CLPT coach about a more specific plan for you to get from now to race day!!

Coach Cindy has raced 14 Iron Distance races with a personal best of 9:27 and many more half ironman distance races with a personal best of 4:27 and has experienced first hand many of the things you will experience during your training and racing. Training smart will get you to the finish line feeling strong and healthy and will help you reach the finish time goals that you may have.
Reverse-engineer your happiness
When it came to motivating myself to get out there and have a better life, the direct approach just didn’t seem to work. I could pick a decent challenge, or I choose a weight loss goal and meet it, but I couldn’t sustain the change in lifestyle that I was truly after.

I therefore decided to reverse-engineer the process. That is, to put all the pieces in place –- but work from the end product backwards to where I would be starting. Here’s how I did it:

End product? I wanted to be fit, get out and do an activity every day, eat a healthier diet, get better sleep and lower my stress.

Read the rest of Ken de Jong's Reverse-engineer your happiness.
As everyone emerges from riding trainers in their pain caves to prepare for the MSC season opener in Rose City, STAC wondered how bike handling skills impact overall race performance, so we did some analysis. Check out our findings and see how you can turn the corner on your own race performance.

And if you're wondering just how quiet the new STAC Zero Halcyon Smart Trainer is, DC Rainmaker put it to the ultimate test in his own baby's nursery. Watch what happened!

Reminder that all MSC athletes can save $150 by pre-ordering the STAC Zero Halcyon Smart Trainer using the code " halcyonmsc". Learn more at   www.staczero.com/preorder  

Happy Training!
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