MAY 2018
May 2018 Newsletter
Welcome to the MultiSport Canada Newsletter for May 2018.

The Skechers Performance Triathlon Series presented by Martin's Family Fruit Farm kicks off on the weekend of June 23 and 24 in Welland. We hope to see you all there. Until then, check out some exciting news we have for that event and for the upcoming season.
Series News
Welland 2018 - Closed Bike Course for Sunday, New Finish Line & More!
The Series kicks off with the Welland/Rose City Triathlon/Duathlon (June 23 & 24) and we've got lots of exciting news to announce for that weekend. If you haven't registered to be there, you just might want to add it to your calendar.

  • Sprint & Give-It-A-Tri Triathlons both now offering a fully closed bike course. That's right! no cars at all on the bike course! 

  • Long Course - Revised bike course eliminates two way cycling traffic from Feeder Road with a new section through Wainfleet along the Mill Race Rd creek, making for a safer and more scenic ride. 

  • Run course - modified to a two lap circuit and runners will now run past the Grandstands 4 times in total during the long course run.

  • A new location for the Finish Line.

  • Long Course Provincial Championships (June 23) - We host it for the first time at Welland.

  • Sprint Triathlon (June 24) - Offers ONE ITU Qualification spot in each age group per gender.

Free Beginner Clinics & Training Program
Registered for your First Race? Thinking about doing a triathlon? Or have done a few and would like some additional guidance? If so, we've got some opportunities for you in 2018.

Sessions presented by Paolina Allan and Roger Hospedales of PR Endurance Training.

Saturday June 23 @ 3:30 pm @ Welland
Wednesday July 11 @ 6pm De La Salle Park, Georgina
Sunday July 22 @ 9am De La Salle Park, Georgina

Clinics will cover everything you need to be successful at your race. At the clinics you can expect to go for a swim, practice transitions, and head out on a run.

Here's a FREE 12 week Beginner Training Program to get you on right track.
Visit Martin's Apple Chips & Cody Beals at the Races this Season
Nutrition is sometimes referred to as triathlon's "fourth discipline". Rightly so, since few practices have such a profound impact on recovery, adaptation, and performance. Balancing training for three sports on top of any other commitments and responsibilities can be a challenge. For me, nutrition is regrettably the first thing to suffer when life gets hectic. During my busiest training and travel days, I rarely have time or energy to prepare three, nutritious square meals. Instead, I tend to graze throughout the day to meet my nutritional needs.

One of my strategies to stay on top of nutrition is to stock up on wholesome, convenient snacks. I never know exactly when hunger pangs will hit me, so I stash snacks everywhere: in my pantry, my car, my swim bag, my jacket and my locker. Some of my staples include Martin's Apple Chips, granola bars and muffins (homemade or store-bought), nuts, trail mix and dark chocolate. I like to snack on Martin's Apple Chips on my drive back from the pool and they also make a delicious addition to my morning muesli, oatmeal or yogurt. As a tasty, high carbohydrate snack packing the nutrition of two apples per 22-gram bag, they're a great choice for post-workout recovery. The long shelf life of Apple Chips is also convenient since I have a habit of forgetting all the places I stashed them!

Find me at the Martin's tent at selected MultiSport Canada races this season! Bring your questions for me and your appetite to try all four flavours of Martin's Apple Chips! - Cody Beals 

Aquila Cycles - The Official Bike of the Series
We are very excited to be the Official Bike Sponsor of the MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series for the 2018 season! Aquila Cycles is a Toronto based bike company that has been around for over 30 years. We have been involved in the sport of triathlon for decades with decorated athletes and triathlon legends such as Colin Jenkins, Lori Bowden, and Simon Whitfield, riding Aquila bikes. With high performance athletes riding Aquilas, we have been able to test our bike technology in high performance race environments and translate that into our current line up of bikes.

We are excited to share our 2018 line of bikes, including our 2018 Crono triathlon bike, with the entire triathlon community. We are looking to build the next generation of cyclists and triathletes one bike at a time, faster and stronger.

Whether you are a seasoned Pro, a weekend warrior that loves hunting for KOM’s, or just an aficionado with an appreciation for fine bikes, the Aquila collection reflects the distinctive passion for advancements in our sport. On behalf of all cyclists, we proudly own our cycling DNA and the passion to keep pedaling.

Keep an eye out for Aquila Cycles all season at all MultiSport Canada Triathlon events. See you in Welland for the first race of the season!

The roads are waiting. Let’s ride

Hello From Velofix Hamilton
Velofix Hamilton is excited to be returnig to support the Multisport Canada Triathlon series this year. Make sure you book your service at or call us at 1-855-VELOFIX 

We offer a convenient Mobile Bike Shop experience at your home or office. We believe that bicycles can help change the world. Whether you are a road warrior, a commuter, an elite triathlete, a daredevil mountain biker, or enjoy your leisurely weekend rides on your e-bike, our goal is to offer a convenient premium service that gives you more time to do what you love…RIDE! 

Introducing the Vorgee Aqua Range
Vorgee is excited to be partnering up again this summer with MultiSport Canada! This summer is sure to be packed with beautiful days and intense races and we look forward to being there to enjoy it with you every step along the way! We want you to get the most out of your summer, and we’d love to show you how Vorgee products can help you do that!

Introducing the Vorgee Aqua Range, consisting of Aqua Hair, Aqua Body, and Aqua Tog Wash! This product collection is designed to gently cleanse residual chlorine from your hair, body, and swimwear. Leftover chlorine can dry out your skin and hair and cause your swimwear to stretch and fade. Vorgee Aqua will help you get rid of that chlorine without causing harm to your body or the environment.

To learn more about the Vorgee Aqua Range click HERE !
A Recipe for Staying Injury Free This Season
As both a Multisport Coach and a Chiropractor, I’m lucky to be able to coach my roster of athletes and also work with athletes in my Burlington and Toronto clinics. I see two types of athlete injuries in my chiropractic practice – those incurred by trauma or accident, and those created over time by repetitive exercise like swimming, cycling and running. The injuries created by repetitive activity are the most complicated to treat and often take longer to get better because it involves identifying and fixing imbalances that have been created by habitual overuse.

Management of overuse injuries requires a combination of passive treatment in my clinic and active exercises done by the athlete to correct the imbalance created by using the same muscle groups repetitively and ignoring others. Habits are hard to break and I find that athletes suffering from chronic conditions have more trouble maintaining the routine required to prevent return of their injuries, and slide back into old habits. Often once the pain is gone it is easy to stop the stretches and strengthening that is required to keep it gone!

It takes work to stay balanced and injury free. So many athletes ignore the work until they have a problem that interferes with their performance. Their foam roller sits in the corner while they ignore the tightness and pain that creeps up slowly. Left unaddressed, it shows up after a hard run or race, or doing a make-up workout on a rest day. The best way to keep injuries at bay is to work on preventing them in the first place. This includes taking care of three things: strength, mobility and stretching. Make “prehab” exercises a part of your weekly training schedule in order to avoid having “rehab” exercise! See Dr. Lewis’ recipe for staying injury free this season

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Happy Training!
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