The Corona Chronicles/ April 24, 2020
We made it to the Weekend!
Happy Friday from your Friends at Vital Health and Wellness Center !

Many have struggled with a range of emotions during this Quarantine Process. It is normal to feel stressed, and somewhat anxious as our communities begin to reopen. Today's newsletter will discuss " Ways to Decrease your Stress Levels "

The City of Houston has also issued a mandatory order to wear masks in public, which will begin on April 27th, 2020. It will last for 30 days, and apply to people ten and older. Please share this information with your friends and family on " How to Make and Wear your Face Mask ". Dr. Vital will demonstrate in the Video below.

If you have important information that you would like to see included in our newsletters, then send us an email or a text message. If you missed last week's newsletter, then please read it below.
Ways to Decrease your Stress Levels at Home

  • Avoid listening to the News around the clock. It's okay to turn it off if it makes you feel worse.
  • Call friends and family members throughout the week.
  • Go outside for sunlight at least once a day.Take a walk, or just stand there for five minutes.
  • Exercise on most days of the week. Aim for at least 150 minutes each week.
  • Meditate or Pray at the beginning and/or end of each day (Click on our Favorites List for helpful tools)
How to Make your own Face Mask

  • Watch Dr. Vital demonstrate the T-shirt method (using T-shirt sleeves instead), in the video on Vital Health and Wellness Center's Instagram Page at
  • Start with a clean T-shirt. Choose cotton or other breathable fabric.
  • Get a pair of scissors
  • T-shirt Method (Above) : 1) Cut the bottom off of a T-shirt (about 8 inches from the bottom 2) Cut about 7 inches along the back for strings to tie the mask. 3) Cut out the area between the top and bottom strings (a rectangle shape) 4) (Optional) May insert top half of coffee filter into the part of the T-shirt over the nose and mouth) 5) Tie both strings around the back of the head as well as the neck.
How to Wear your Face Mask

  • Cover your mouth and nose with your mask
  • Secure your mask to your face
  • Don't touch or fiddle with your mask while wearing it
  • Remove your mask from the back, and then wash your hands
  • Wash your cloth mask regularly and dry it completely
  • Dispose of your surgical mask when moist or visibly soiled
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