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Winter 2022 Newsletter

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Year-End Giving Campaign

Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation during our yearend campaign! We surpassed our goal of $50,000! Your generosity in giving of your time, money, and talents are how we are able to continue to help children in foster care in Montgomery County. We could not do this work without YOU!

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Upcoming Events

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A Child is Waiting

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Jason* is a 16-year-old youth, who was referred for appointment of a CASA volunteer because the judge in the case is concerned about him and would like to have an extra set of eyes and ears. Jason came into foster care because he was sexually abused and has related mental health issues. He is currently placed at a residential treatment center and has very little family involvement. He would benefit from having a CASA who would ensure his needs are being met and help him feel less alone.  

Volunteer Spotlights

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Sandy Blasey has been the CASA for 14-year-old Michael* for two years. During this time, Ms. Blasey has enjoyed getting to know Michael by visiting with him regularly, attending his football games, and spending time doing other things he likes to do. Michael attended multiple elementary schools growing up and had a history of inconsistent attendance and poor grades because of unstable housing. Michael has flourished as an honor-roll student over the past two years and has even been able to join the high school football team. Michael has had two disruptions in his placements in recent months, and Ms. Blasey has strongly advocated for stability in Michael’s school placement. This advocacy has allowed Michael’s efforts toward his education to continue.

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Ashley Flory worked with 20-year-old Jennifer* for two years. Jennifer came into foster care in September 2018, due to her mother’s substance abuse, and because of physical and sexual abuse, and neglect. Jennifer lived in a residential treatment center and several group homes before moving to a trial home visit with her mother in December 2020. As Jennifer’s case seemed to be coming to a close, Ashley spoke with Jennifer's therapist to get an update. The therapist shared that, while Jennifer had not been attending therapy after moving home, Jennifer had reached out to the therapist informally and reported that her mother and grandmother had kicked her out of the house for a period of time during the summer of 2021. This was information Jennifer had not shared with Ashley or the social worker on her case. Ashley updated the social worker about this situation and the social worker was able to address the issue with Jennifer’s mother and grandmother before the case closed successfully in November 2021.

*Names changed and photos are not of CASA children

Upcoming Pre-Service Training Session for

Prospective Volunteers

Spring 2022



9:00 AM to 4:30 PM



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6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

* Time and date subject to change

Volunteer Anniversaries

Thank you to each of the following individuals for your years of service and dedication to your CASA youth. Happy Anniversary!

25 Years

Paul Sorlie

14 Years

Leslie Greenberg

12 Years

Jill Granader

11 Years

Dayna Goldsmith

10 Years

Jed Jaffe

9 Years

Barbara Fribush

Sabrina Ivory

7 Years

Fran Albert

Andrea Cali

Michele Carpenter

Alicia Marsh

King Stablein

6 Years

Jennifer McCadney

5 Years

Karen Pinkston

4 Years

Heather Kasper

3 Years

Josephine Choi

Marlyne Emmanuel

Drew Finley

Aileen Moodie

Fitz Morrison

Mark Schiponi

2 Years

Sandy Blasey

Melanie Brown

Michele Isaacson

Jennifer Kline

Aida Munoz

Gloria Peterson-Ayigah

Alexis White

1 Year

Nicole Bellows

Michael DeMayo

Melody Elliott

Cynthia Harris

Nuzhat Islam

Kerstin Luteijn

Joanna Salzman

Lisa Tompkins-Brown

Donors Making A Difference

*Donations received from 9/14/2021 to 1/14/2022

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Thank you to everyone who made a donation! Your generosity is the reason we are able to continue to help children in foster care in Montgomery County. We could not do this work without YOU!!


  • Phyllis Aaronson
  • Joy Abel
  • Josh Adrian           
  • Loris Ayirebi
  • Alyssa Bain
  • Margaret Baker
  • Jane Batwinis
  • John Belliveau
  • Jack Berry
  • Doug Blanchard
  • Ann Bradley
  • Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bregman
  • Melanie Brown
  • Susie Buckley
  • Susan Burger
  • Annie Burns
  • William Butz
  • Andrea Cali
  • John Celestand
  • Kaya Christy
  • Robert Coleman
  • Heather Collier
  • Kristin Cook
  • Robin Delaloye
  • Carol & John DeVan
  • Margaret Erickson
  • Barbara & Gary Faigen
  • Jennifer Fairfax
  • Michelle Forzley
  • Elizabeth & Darren Gemoets
  • Jay Goldman & Rebecca Salon
  • Melanie Goodrich
  • Ray Grimes
  • Pamela Gwaltney
  • Robin Harris
  • Thelma Harris
  • Donald Hague
  • Christopher Hertz & Colleen Fahey
  • Valerie Hildebrand
  • Andrea Jolly
  • C. Jabaar Jones
  • Jaime Joyner
  • Gail Kaufmann
  • Harold Kerr
  • James Kirby
  • Jennifer Kline
  • Christine Kohl   
  • Jack Krackower
  • Heather Kramer
  • Victoria Lasiter
  • Maleka Lawrence
  • Andrew Lewis
  • Glenn Lunden - In memory of Leon Lunden

  • Lesley Maloney
  • Neil Mann
  • Molly McCabe
  • Tracey McCutcheon
  • Teresa McKenna & David Pena
  • Delvon McMillan
  • Liora Moriel
  • Shukriyyah Muhammad
  • Caroline Nealon
  • Jeannette O'Connor
  • Chito Okoye
  • James Olson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tanuj Pasricha
  • Sherry Phillips
  • Olga Pilshchikova
  • Jarrett  Perlow
  • Julie Rasicot
  • Sasha Rene
  • Priscilla Rosenthal
  • Joan Schaffer
  • Margaret Schwind
  • Karen Smith
  • Rachel & Travis Stalcup
  • Noreene Stehlik
  • Joseph Steinbock
  • Mr. & Mrs. Harry Stern
  • Peggy Sotos
  • Christine Vaughn
  • Danielle Verbiest
  • Suzie Waltzer
  • Katheryn Winsberg
  • Sylvia Winik
  • Shirley & Gerson Yalowitz
  • Phillip York

Special Thanks

  • Dell Giving
  • Ernst & Young Foundation
  • Klinger Insurance Group
  • Marvin & Joanne McIntyre Family Foundation
  • Microsoft
  • PNC
  • Scales Family Fund
  • The Hartford
  • United Health Group
  • Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP Charitable Fund              
  • Witt Foundation

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Be the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer that every child in Montgomery County, Maryland’s foster care system needs.



Voices for Children Montgomery depends upon donations from people like you to continue its work. Make a donation today to help us reach our goal of serving ALL the children in foster care in Montgomery County by 2026.

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