Volume 15 |April 2020
The latest news at American Pollution Control Corp., including new steps that we are taking in the midst of the (COVID-19) Pandemic
New Services Offered by AMPOL
We know that many businesses in the Country are currently going through difficult times. AMPOL now offers Professional Disinfecting Services which employ industry leading methods. Our partnership with Safety Management Systems (SMS) allows for before and after sample results, showing clients that disinfection is not only possible, but completely measurable on most surfaces. With our state-of-the-art equipment, which includes industrial-strength disinfectants, foggers, and fully encapsulated personnel equipment, AMPOL leads the pack in professional disinfection.
AMPOL Self Fabricates UVC Air Sanitizers
AMPOL utilizes self fabricated UVC air sanitizers with standard negative air machine HEPA filters that capture 99.97% of all particles in the air. The filtered air is then directed through a UVC light box to sterilize any residual viruses . Our UVC Air Sanitizers are germicidal ultraviolet fixtures that effectively sterilize airborne microbes including bacteria, mold, and viruses. This new ultra efficient industry capability is setting the standard for facility disinfection.

Places where AMPOL disinfects include:

  • Production Facilities
  • Schools/Universities
  • Ships/Supply Vessels
  • Health Facilities
  • Work Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Transportation Centers
  • Refineries
  • On/Offshore Oil Riggs
AMPOL Installs a AIS Barrier To Control Water Hyacinth
AMPOL installed an Oil Stop manufactured AIS Barrier at a private hunting and fishing club in South Louisiana. In late spring and summer, the water hyacinth would accumulate in the areas canals often making it impossible for the Hunting and Fishing club members to operate their boats in them.

Oil Stop designed a system that would automatically adjust to tidal and seasonal water level changes. The AIS Barrier was attached to both shorelines and to pilings using floating "tether rings". The setup included a gate that could be closed if the nuisance plant threatened the canal.
The AIS Barrier was developed for the Giant Salvina outbreak in all the Gulf Coast states and southern Atlantic states. It is equally effective for floating debris control. It features a reinforced mesh skirt that allows water to pass while containing plants and debris. This feature allows the barrier to contain heavy loading of solids without negatively affecting the performance of the barrier.
AMPOL Responds To A Emergency Spill
AMPOL promptly responded after a tanker truck carrying diesel overturned in Louisisana. A small amount of fuel had escaped, and AMPOL successfully contained it, and subsequently prevented additional fuel from leaking out. The overturned tanker was then offloaded, making the site safe and job complete.
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