Working for You and Our Children

We’re approaching the middle of July which means we have about a month and a half until the big day. I have continued to make every effort to meet as many voters as possible, and have enjoyed conversations where I’m able to truly get an even better pulse of our community. This has been accomplished by knocking on doors, Hobnobs, and individuals who have shown their support through private get-togethers in their home. Our Facebook page is another easy way to connect.

Did you know that every vote truly counts? And, that you have an option to either vote early, or on election day which is August 28th. Please see below for the actual dates or CLICK HERE.

Until then, I will continue to be present out there with our community to stay in touch with what’s important. My #1 priority is to do everything I can to work together with other school board members to ensure we do what’s right to protect the future of our children. 

Are you interested in helping? Please email me or visit my webpage to keep current on our activities.

Thank you as always for all of your support and if you have questions, please feel free to reply to this email. 
Amy Pennock
Campaign Highlights
Oh the places we go...

My family, friends and colleagues have been so wonderful joining me and taking the time to get to further know the people, and pets, who make our community so great.

We've been having a lot of fun and truly enjoyed meeting a very BIG supporter. Unfortunately he cannot vote, but he made it clear he would like Amy Pennock to be there for his 2-legged family.

Would you like to show your support by putting a sign in your front yard? If so, please email Amy by clicking the button below and we will be happy to drop one off.

Voting Dates - Mark Your Calendar

August 18th thru 25th

  • County Libraries
  • Supervisor of Elections Office
  • Oviedo Aquatic Center


August 28th
Join Us for Tuesdays with Amy
July 17th
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Link Staffing

July 31st
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Home of Rebecca York

Most Recent Hob Nob Straw Poll Results
East Side Hobnob: 
73.87% Win

Seminole County GOP Hobnob:
71% Win
Casselberry Chamber Hobnob
66% Win

Seminole-Orange County Hobnob 80% Win (combined)
Our Recent Endorsements
Dennis Lemma
Seminole County Sheriff

David Johnson
Seminole County Property Appraiser

Joel Greenberg
Seminole County Tax Collector

Bob Dallari
Seminole County Commissioner

Bob Cortes
Representative, Florida House
Jo Lucarelli
Lake Mary City Commissioner

Matt Morgan
Longwood City Commissioner

Ken Greenberg
Winter Springs City Commissioner

Anthony Armendia
Casselberry City Commissioner

Thank you to these respected leaders for your support. ~ Amy Pennock
Back to School Tax Holiday
Don't forget to support our local
businesses by taking advantage of the
the beginning of August.

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My Why
My husband Tim and I recently celebrated our 15th Anniversary and I always find it amazing how time flies by so quickly. I’ve included this as my “why” this month because without Tim’s support, I could not continue to do all that I love doing to support my community. 

He plays a number of both lead and support roles in our family. While I’m out meeting you, our community, he is my cheerleader and sounding board, providing me with daily pep talks that show how deeply he too cares about our future leaders.

I look forward to using these best practices when I’m your voice to support our children. It’s important to exercise both give and take to provide the balance needed to do what’s right for the people we love. 

~ Amy Pennock

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