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Missouri's Premier Downtown
Revitalization Conference
Missouri's Premier Revitalization Conference will feature three days of virtual activities including 14 breakout sessions and two keynote addresses as well as special lunch and happy hour sessions.

Join us at Missouri’s Premier Downtown Revitalization Conference to Celebrate New Beginnings! During the past year of uncertainty and unrest, more than ever we understand the significance of celebrating the places we love. While we are mindful of the hardships so many have endured, we have learned to adapt and grow through this pandemic.

Join us as we all Celebrate New Beginnings! We more fully understand the necessity of community preservation, while celebrating the very places we live, work, and play, as we unite the people in our communities and districts.
Sessions To Not Miss!
  • Demystifying Arts & Culture Language For Funding
  • Driving Visitation To Missouri
  • Looking At Money From All Angles To Develop A Solid Funding Structure
  • I Bought This Building, Now What Do I do With It?
  • Storytelling For Small Business Owners And Community Engagement
  • Doctor Is In
  • Organizational Rebound: Better Recruitment Equals Better Boards
  • How Age-Friendly Is Your Community?
  • So We Have Design Guidelines... Now What? New Infill Buildings In Historic Downtowns
  • More Listed Here!
MMSC Selected For Main Street Forward Award
MMSC is one of six winners of the Main Street Forward Award, which recognize communities that have shown exemplary recovery and resilience efforts amid the multiple crises of 2020. Selected by a national jury of economic development experts, MMSC is being recognized for its Four Ways to Connect programming, which helped support the state’s local Main Street programs via regular communication throughout the pandemic.
MMSC is seeking to select multiple service providers to provide services to strengthen local Main Street organizations and individual local businesses that have faced hardship due to the pandemic and/or are looking to grow their operations.

MMSC is seeking submission from qualified service providers to produce recommendations and tangible deliverables to Missouri Main Street communities that increase sales, increase revenue, and create jobs. We encourage you to submit an RFQ that demonstrates how your qualifications enable you to assist Missouri communities to recover from COVID-19 through the requested services listed in this RFQ. Full scope of services requested is to be selected from the applicable areas of service in the attachment below.
Qualified service providers interested in providing recommendations and tangible deliverables to Missouri Main Street communities should submit RFQ’s to MMSC, no later than 5:00 PM (CT), June 1, 2021. Submissions should be emailed to, provided the RFQ is submitted in a PDF or Microsoft Word format.
Missouri Main Street Bicentennial Passport
Missouri Main Street Connection is excited to present the Missouri Main Street Bicentennial Passport to help you explore the great state of Missouri in 2021. Communities across the state are joining in the celebration! These celebrations signify the strength and vitality of both community and statewide pride. The Missouri Bicentennial is a time to celebrate the rich heritage and culture of this great state and explore Missouri’s historic districts and downtowns.

Have you been visiting events around the state? We would love to hear your stories and see your photos! Share them with us using #Missouri2021 or by emailing
Bicentennial Passport Sponsor:
Missouri Public Transit Association
Be Part Of The Bicentennial Time Capsule!
Missouri organizations, institutions, businesses and government agencies are invited to contribute three items to the Bicentennial Time Capsule: one to represent the organization's past; one item to represent the organization's present; and a note to future Missourians. Contributions will be accepted through August 10, 2021, and sealed on August 27 for the next 25 years when it will be re-opened and shared with the public. The time capsule is sponsored by the State Historical Society of Missouri and Saint Louis Ambassadors.
Jewell Cemetery Workshop & Work Day
A small group of Missourians of all ages gathered in Columbia on Wednesday May 5th to learn about historic cemeteries and proper cleaning techniques before heading to William Jewell Cemetery where they received hands on experience. This group learned how to accurately survey a cemetery, its plots, markers, and monuments.

Cemetery markers through the years have come in all shapes and sizes as attendees found out in the presentation by SHPO representative Amanda Burke. The size, shape, materials, decorative carvings, and iconography tell about the persons status prior to death. For example, the depiction of a lamb represents that the person was a child.
Finding Inspiration Through Façade Creativity
Many downtown Main Street districts have buildings that have been left vacant because a larger or more modern structure was needed. Maybe the past occupant outgrew the space or the building did not have space for an addition. Maybe the business closed and left a large structure that is difficult to repurpose or find a tenant. Main Street teaches us to think outside the box and find a new use for those types of buildings. We all have them.

As part of the USDA Rural Community Development grant program offered through Missouri Main Street Connection (MMSC) called My Community Matters, 10 communities received various services and technical assistance. Knob Noster was one of those communities and found themselves with an old city building in downtown that needs a new use. MMSC brought in Randy Wilson, architect extraordinaire, to help re-imagine this building. Here is a picture of building now:
After talking to city leaders and Main Street board members, a potential use came to the surface. Could this building serve as a business incubator for the community? The Innovation Central building idea was born. Randy worked up two visual models of what the building could look like with one simple and one more detailed. The building originally had two garage doors on the front, so he proposed brining them back to allow for more light to penetrate the building but also provide some versatility to the space. The garage doors could be opened for larger events or this space could be used for a farmers’ market once a week. 

Once the design was presented to the community, it now provides a visual hope for not only the building but for what it could house. The ideas are endless. These visualizations can also provide a visual document for grant applications or capital campaigns to create this space. 

Here the two renderings created by Randy Wilson:
If your community or Main Street is interested in rendering services through Missouri Main Street, give us a call at 417-334-3014. You can find this and other services in the Missouri Main Street Service Directory on our website.  
Main Street 101 Training
Missouri Main Street Connection is happy to announce a new online training series to teach the Main Street Approach™ to new board members, volunteers, staff, and city officials. The online training is free of charge for any community in Missouri. The Main Street 101 online training series was developed to fill the gap created by the cancellation of the National and Missouri Main Street conferences in 2020. The knowledge base of a Main Street program and its volunteers must include the principles of the comprehensive Main Street Approach™ to ensure a solid foundation. We encourage Main Street programs to use this online tool for volunteer development, committee training, and leadership development.

This training series will be required for all new board members and new executive directors in 2021. The requirement also includes the completion and passing grade from a 50-question exam to receive a certificate of completion as part of the annual program assessment process. All Missouri Main Street programs under a contract/agreement with Missouri Main Street Connection will fall under this requirement and there is a fee for the certificate of completion portion. 

The online training series provides flexibility for those going through the training. It will be available 24-hours a day, seven days a week and can be taken at the individuals’ pace. Each module of the four points is approximately 40-45 minutes long. There is also a module on the Main Street transformation strategy development process. The training series includes various resources or guides to help a Main Street program with further committee development. 
This project has been funded in part by a grant from the Kemper Fund for Kansas and Missouri of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, USDA Rural Development, and Karen Bode Baxter.
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Missouri Main Street Connection is a statewide, 501c3, not-for-profit organization committed to fostering renewed vitality and sustainability in historic commercial districts across the state of Missouri.
Missouri Main Street Connection is an equal opportunity organization.