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Call to Action: COVID-19 and Food Security
Food Matters Manitoba is calling on governments, civil society and the private sector to continue momentum toward a just food system.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted existing inequities in our communities and revealed cracks in the foundations of our food system. While we are all affected, the impact is disproportionately felt by those already experiencing food insecurity: low income earners, those in poverty, minority and racialized people and Northern residents.

Calls to Action are addressed in 3 areas: Household Food Insecurity, Indigenous Food Sovereignty, Sustainable Food Systems, and Collective Impact.

Food Matters Manitoba, with a mandate to build a province where good food nourishes strong communities and healthy people, is offering the leadership to shift the needle toward a more equitable, resilient and sustainable food system.

The document is available in English and French.

 " We have seen unparalleled cooperation and innovation in response to the challenges of recent months. We are calling on all sectors to continue along a path of cooperation towards a long-term vision for our food system – one of justice and equity, where no one ever goes hungry and harvesters, producers and food workers are valued. "  

- Rob Moquin, Executive Director
Norway House School Garden
Increasing Food Access in Northern Communities
Walleye harvesting for elders at Tataskweyak and Fox Cree Nations (left) and a goose and duck hunt in Churchill (below) are just two of the COVID-19 response food access projects facilitated by Food Matters in the last few months.

Demian Lawrenchuk, our Northern Coordinator, ensured the necessary supports and supplies made there way to communities in a timely manner for harvesting projects as well as gardening efforts. The interest in gardening has peaked this season in northern communities, as elsewhere in the province.

People are rising to the challenge to find safe ways to undertake these tasks while building community strength and capacity.
High praise for FMM Videos and Infographics
Designed to accompany the Food Insecurity videos is a series of Infographics which can be downloaded and used freely.

The handouts (Household Food Insecurity in Manitoba, Why Are Manitobans Food Insecure?, and Ways to Address Food Insecurity) provide easy to understand, bite sized data corresponding to the 3 video themes.
Hundreds of people have been accessing and using the powerful Food Insecurity in Manitoba videos Food Matters launched recently.

"I really appreciate the intersectional approach to understanding food insecurity (how income, access to transportation, etc play role). I also really appreciate the diversity of those who shared their stories."

Each of the 5 minute long videos is focused on an aspect of Food Insecurity in our province: Experiences, Causes and Solutions to tell the Manitoba story.

"The videos are very well done and really hit on so many important components of food insecurity. I shared them with dietitians across the province ... and am happy to continue sharing and promoting them."

There is a version with English sub-titles and one with French subtitles.

"These would be great introductory videos for classes (of a variety of ages) or organizations of all kinds."
Other Food Security Statements Released
Brandon Food Council Collective Action on COVID-19 and Food Security
Winnipeg Food Council Call for City Action on COVID-19 and Food System
With release of this statement, The Brandon Food Council exercised its leadership role in mobilizing public and private sector partners to develop a strategy for a resilient food system for the city and its region.

"Even before the current crisis, food insecurity among Manitoba's families was on the rise, with 1 in 7 Manitoba households struggling to afford food. The impact is hardest on those living in poverty, but goes beyond that to include producers who are facing disruptions in labour and markets and health and safety issues. This is a time to work collectively," said Council Chair, Kristen Lowitt.

The statement calls on the Municipal government, business sector and service providers to take action.
The Winnipeg Food Council is calling on Winnipeggers to support their calls to Action directed at the City.

In a well documented statement, they outline food security issues revealed and worsened since the pandemic, acknowledge actions taken by cities throughout the country, including Winnipeg, and ask "the City to act quickly and decisively."

The City is uniquely situated to act on the four areas named: work of the Food Council, Urban Agriculture, Front Line Agencies, Local Food Businesses.

The Food Council also asks people to communicate to their Councillor their support for these Calls to Action.

A chef inspired meal of the day everyone can feel good about.
MEAL IT FORWARD: Innovative Pilot Project in Brandon
"Everyone Eats" is a new not-for-proit community initiative with a goal to provide top quality, nutritionally balanced dinners with a difference. They are accessible by a confidential donation of any amount so that individuals are afforded the dignity of contributing to the purchase of their meal as they are able.

The pilot is being rolled out this June 10, 11 and 12 with support from a range of community partners, including Brandon Food Council, Brandon University, John Howard Society, Assiniboine Community College, Food Matters and others.

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Cultivating Leadership on Food Security