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November 16, 2020 | Issue 11
Money on the table
Actuaries’ Advice: Don't Leave Money on the Table

Educational institutions with fully insured health insurance arrangements for their employees are leaving money on the table, according to Steven Keshner, Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary with Spring Consulting Group. Moving from a fully insured to a self-insured model creates the lowest possible margin for health plan administration.
Employee Engagement
Member Schools – Take Advantage of edHEALTH Employee Engagement Communications

To help member universities, colleges, and other educational institution faculty and staff navigate and maximize their healthcare benefits, edHEALTH has developed a series of engagement communications. We continue to add content to this library of resources that include:
  • How to save money on prescription drug costs
  • Healthcare terms you need to know to understand your options
  • Telehealth benefit details
  • Tips for saving money and time using online health plan portals
Member owners, we encourage you to share these online and PDF communications with your employees.
Beware of the Hidden Effects of Reduced 2020 Healthcare Costs
Bold Solutions Can Help Address These Challenges
April Healthcare Spending by Category
Amidst the pain, anxiety, and budget hits caused by the coronavirus, one bright spot has been reduced healthcare spending. Although this year’s relatively low healthcare spending has been a boon for commercial payers, it’s clear that costs will start to tick up. Find out why costs will accelerate, why planning is critical, and potential solutions that edHEALTH will be evaluating.
And the Answer Is…
Compensation and benefits represent 60% of Salve Regina University’s budget. The University has been successful in keeping these costs in check.