Happy Endings for Batman
Many of you have been asking for an update on Batman. For those who don't know his story, Batman is a senior cat with special needs who was stolen from Brookhaven PetSmart in November. After weeks of desperate searching by cat lovers and the police, and a whole lot of media attention, someone tipped the police when they saw the alleged perpetrators. Thanks to the incredible work of the tipsters, the Brookhaven police and the community, Batman was recovered safe and the perpetrators were arrested. We do not know why they stole Batman, but we are over the moon that he was found safe. And to make the story even happier, a week after being found, Batman was adopted by the very same people who gave the tip to the police!

Batman's new family shares, “Batman is doing amazing! He's the king of our house already- pampered and spoiled  😜  He literally follows us around 24-7 and we LOVE it!! He's really happy with us and it makes our hearts ful l ❤️  He has already met our family and friends and you can tell that he thrives with the attention from everyone lol. He's sooo social!! When people come over, he greets them with with a little "hello" meow.”

What a happy ending. We love you, Batman!
A Bar Mitzvah Project Provides
Outdoor Shelters for Forgotten Cats
Jackson is 13 years old and in 7th grade at Haverford Middle School. He had his Bar Mitzvah on January 4, 2020. As part of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process each student is asked to do a project that promotes kindness, and charity with the hopes that the student will chose something that are passionate about in order to make thus an ongoing commitment in their life and not just a one time act.

Jackson is very passionate about animals but especially cats. He loves all cats including feral and outdoor homeless cats. We have a close family friend that does a lot of work in the community with trap/neuter/release as well as attempting to find homes for cats that can be rehabilitated. She told us of an organization that offered cat shelter building workshops. Jackson immediately knew this was what he wanted to do. He wanted to make shelters to donate for those caring for cat colonies to help the cats stay safe from the elements in the winter.

Jackson attended the workshop to learn how to make a shelter. He then created a fund raiser on Facebook to raise funds for supplies. His goal was $750.00 and he raised almost $900 . With that he was able to build 24 shelters.
Jackson invited friends to come over to assemble the boxes after he prepped all the materials. He originally intended to donate the shelters to the organization hosting the workshop but after multiple attempts to coordinate bringing the shelters to them they stopped responding. Their loss.

Jackson's mom contacted Forgotten Cats and said "not only were they gracious to accept the shelters, they picked them up from us! We were overwhelmed and grateful for the generosity. We couldn’t be more thrilled to give these to Forgotten Cats."

Jackson hopes to make this an annual event! He even has plans to do this on a large scale when he is ready to become an Eagle Scout.

Thank you Jackson for your generous donation! 
Volunteer Spotlight
An Interview with Julie Tipton

When and how did you start volunteering for Forgotten Cats?
I became aware of Forgotten Cats when my mom adopted a cat named Violet from the PetSmart-Brandywine Town Center. I had been wanting to volunteer helping cats and I had some extra time so I offered to volunteer for FC in the summer of 2017.

What volunteer work have you done
for FC?
I am a graphic design so I volunteered to help with any print and email graphics needed. I started off helping someone else with the many emails and it has progressed into creating all emails, Annual Appeal letters, flyers, brochures and anything needed to get the word out in a professional way.

What is your favorite thing about working with FC?
I love cats and seeing the cats get the help they need and finding their forever homes is incredibly rewarding. I adopted Molly in June 0f 2019 from the Brookhaven PetSmart and she has quickly made herself at home.

What do you wish the public knew about animal rescue?
Animal rescues offer many forgotten pets a chance for a forever home, a chance that they often wouldn't get otherwise. It takes many volunteers to make this work. People can volunteer in many ways and it doesn't have to take a lot of time. People can also help by fostering and bringing a pet into there home for a short time to help them get ready for their forever homes.
What else do you enjoy besides volunteering? Any interesting hobbies or secret talents?
I enjoy watching Korean dramas, reading and trying different types of art or crafting, by taking classes in something new. A few years ago, I c reated a felted and beaded wool “Garden Pig" for Moore College of Art & Design & "Adopt a Pig Program". The pig sold for $250 and the money went to support art therapy programs for kids with cancer. I have also made ornaments, cats and a dog, which I have sold on Etsy. I also enjoy making and selling jewelry.
New Website for Forgotten Cats
We have exciting news to share! Our new website became officially live November 2019. Head on over to  www.forgottencats.org  and check it out.
We'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to Denise Bernstein
of Advertising Is Simple for designing our new site.  https://advertisingissimple.com / 302-407-0431
Here are Some Special Cats Ready for their Forever Homes!
(FCID# 10/31/2019-19) 
Adult • M

What a handsome fellow! Please meet Cutter ! He is so sweet! So why after his owner died did the family apparently put him out to fend for himself???

Thankfully, Forgotten Cats was there to give him shelter. Cutter is about 3-5 years old and is FIV+. Cutter runs up to the end of the cage to get people to pet him. We have found that FIV+ cats tend to be extra lovey-dovey, which is how Cutter is!
Cutter is hoping you will visit him at the Concord Pet in the Chestnut Run Shopping Center in Wilmington, DE. Please stop in to say HI!

His foster caregiver says, “He is one of the sweetest cats I’ve had there. I took him home for Christmas holiday and he was so wonderful."

Are you willing to give him a chance? If you would like to give Cutter his furever home or a foster home, please submit  an online no-obligation adoption application . You can now meet Cutter at Concord Pet in the  Chestnut Run Shopping Center in Wilmington, DE .

Please consider giving Cutter the forever home he needs. To meet him please submit a  no-obligation application . Remember to copy his FCID# [Cutter (FCID# 10/31/2019 – 19)] before you go.
(FCID# 05/23/2019 - 24)
Senior • M

Purr Machine!!  McCree (FCID# 05/23/2019 - 24) is a sweetie pie, about 10+ years old. He loves his food and he loves getting out and running around. He gets along with the other cats at the clinic. He looks like he was on the streets for a while, but that just adds to his charm. McCree is a purr machine who is looking for someone with lots of food and lots of love. 

Please submit a no-obligation adoption application to meet, foster or adopt:   http://www.forgottencats.org/application.php . (Foster: Felicia C.)
We Want to Hear from You!
If you have an idea for an article or a story you would like to share about a rescue, special volunteer, your adoption center or recent adoptions from Forgotten Cats, please send photos if possible and/or story to:   calleycat1@comcast.net  and / or   info@forgottencats.org