Noun  |  kap.tus  |  ˈkäpt̪ʊs̠  A taking, a seizing


Quotes that Inspire Us

"La vida no la enseña nadie."

This quote resonates with me because I believe it wholeheartedly. I have learned through both my personal and professional endeavors that life cannot be taught but only experienced, because every path is unique. This quote reminds me to approach each case with sensitivity and empathy and without judgment, and to listen closely to our clients' stories in order to better serve their needs. 

- Caroline Herter

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Edward H. Davis Jr. and Alejandro Vanzetti Published by JURIST

Edward H. Davis Jr. and Alejandro Vanzetti provided their expertise and thought leadership to JURIST through a contributed article titled, “How Florida’s Supreme Court Overturned a Ruling That Barred Recovery of Foreign Assets to Satisfy Judgments.”

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Nyana Abreu Miller Serving as Co-Chair of IWIRC’s New Networks Committee

Sequor Law has been a longtime supporter of IWIRC, and we are proud to share that Nyana Abreu Miller is serving a second year as Co-Chair of IWIRC’s New Networks Committee. The committee only keeps growing! It recently announced the launch of four new networks - KIT (Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee), Scotland, Southern Africa and the Channel Islands. 

With an inspiring mission to support and develop the careers of women in the insolvency and restructuring field across the globe, we look forward to seeing this mission continue its growth trajectory in the years to come.


Our Sequor Law attorneys are true thought leaders and experts in their industry, so it is no surprise that they participated on esteemed panels or engaged in prominent events. 


  • January 13th in Miami: Judge Cristol Retirement from Bench-Celebrating a Well-Lived Life of Service - Leyza F. Blanco attended the event, engaging with industry attendees
  • January 24th-25th in London: ThoughtLeaders4 Disputes | TL4D Sovereign & States Disputes and Enforcement 2023 Conference - Arnoldo “Arnie” Lacayo spoke on the “Planes, trains and automobiles - identifying sovereign assets” panel 
  • January 25th webinar: ABI International/Cross-Border Litigation: Judgement Enforcement and Venue Considerations - Leyza F. Blanco spoke on a panel of experts sharing her professional experiences and insights into how to best approach these types of claims, and ways to collect on them
  • January 25th-27th in Orlando: Florida Bar winter meeting - Leyza F. Blanco and Juan J. Mendoza attended the event, engaging with industry participants and speakers
  • January 30th virtual: Miami Dade Bar International Law Committee (CLE): Challenges in Cross-Border Insolvency and Bankruptcy Cases - Leyza F. Blanco shared recent updates for insolvency and bankruptcy cases abroad 
  • February 6th-8th in Grand Cayman: ABI Caribbean Insolvency Seminar - Gregory S. Grossman attended the event, engaging with industry participants and speakers
  • February 17th in Miami: Florida Bar ILS iLaw Conference - Christopher A. Noel moderated a panel entitled, “NFTs Aren’t Going Anywhere, and Neither Are the Lawsuits”
  • February 23rd-24th in Dublin: ThoughtLeaders4 FIRE Starters Global Summit - Christopher A. Noel and Joseph Rome attended the event, engaging with industry participants and speakers.
  • March 8th - AIJA Americas EventArnoldo “Arnie” Lacayo attended the event, engaging with industry participants and speakers
  • March 16th - 17th in Geneva: Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Conference - Edward H. Davis Jr. attended the event, speaking on the Bank and Financial Institution Liability for Failing to Spot or Prevent Fraud panel. Christopher A. Noel also attended, speaking on the Property or Not: Should NFTs Be Recognized as Protectable Digital Assets panel.


  • April 23rd - 25th in Miami: OffshoreAlert Conference - Sequor Law is a proud sponsor of this year’s conference. Edward H. Davis Jr. will lead a panel on Canadian Banks and Ponzi Schemes: A Tale of Two Verdicts as well as High Value International Recovery: Tips From the Experts. Daniel Coyle will form part of the panel on Crypto: All Your Questions Answered.
  • May 17th - 19th in Vilamoura, Portugal: ThoughtLeaders4 Fire International - Leyza F. Blanco is chairing this year’s conference where Sequor Law is also a proud sponsor

Sequor Law is committed to diversity & inclusion and as such celebrated Women’s History Month.


Get to Know Caroline Herter

What inspired you to pursue a law career?

I have always loved communication and logic, and both are crucial to the practice of law. However, what inspired me to take the first steps towards becoming an attorney was an urge to change injustice and advocate for those who were wronged by the greed of others. 

What skills do you draw upon when it comes to your specific practice areas?

Above all, the skills I find myself using the most are those in investigation, communication, and creativity. Oftentimes in the areas of fraud and asset recovery specifically, bad actors are sophisticated and use complex schemes to cover up their wrongdoing. Fact investigation is crucial in order to piece together evidence from various sources and unravel these schemes. In addition, due to the international reach of Sequor’s practice my Spanish language skills often come into play. Creativity is especially useful as well. Many matters I’ve worked on have unique facts and challenges with no precedent on point to provide a straightforward solution, requiring inventive approaches.

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