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March 2019:
Moving Forward
One Justice Chicago: Golden Gavel Celebration
CARPLS Client Stories
After overcoming many obstacles, "Lisa" had one more hurdle she wanted to conquer: gaining custody of her child.

"CARPLS was able to give me very good, valid information, " Lisa said.
"I understood the situation, and CARPLS took the time to help me."

With CARPLS' guidance, Lisa filed the court paperwork herself and reunited with her daughter who is now living with her.
"Beth" called CARPLS for assistance after experiencing repeated instances of domestic abuse. The attorney provided some concrete steps that the client could take to protect herself, and also connected her to domestic violence and legal resources.

The client said, "The attorney I spoke with genuinely made me feel as though he cared about the unfortunate predicament I was in. He spent lots of time explaining things to me and giving me valuable guidance."
Everyday Justice Blog: A Discussion on Evicted
Supervising Attorney and Volunteer Coordinator Leslie Wallin Reviews Matthew Desmond's Book

Evicted  is an important book for anyone who wants to learn about poverty in the United States. I know – coming from a lawyer, ‘important’ is code for ‘long-winded and boring’. Not here, I promise.

Sociologist Matthew Desmond follows eight families, black and white, with children and without, who are caught up in the eviction system in Milwaukee from May 2008 to December 2009. Their stories are complex, and it is impossible to dismiss them.

LSC Study: A Toolkit for Legal Aid Organizations
A study from the Legal Services Corporation spotlights CARPLS as a successful, dynamic legal aid phone hotline.

The CARPLS model has allowed us to increase our consultation service numbers to more than 55,000 per year, while resolving 85% of cases in-house, with the rest referred to our legal aid partners.
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