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This month’s newsletter contains articles that provide best practices pertaining to data security and recovery. As tornado season approaches, your business may be affected by data loss due to severe weather or flooding. IT Architechs is providing these articles to raise awareness prior to an event happening.  Visit our blog for additional articles on data security and recovery.
Part 1 - Just Because You Have A Backup

When faced with a ransomware attack the current wisdom is if your computer gets infected and it encrypts your files you have three basic options: Pay the ransom, Restore from a backup, Cut your losses and nuke the computer. Of those three choices,...

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Office tips & tricks - Office Support

Get more from Microsoft Office with these time-saving Microsoft Office tips-straight from the experts

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Part 2 - Using Backup to Recover from Ransomware: 4...

While it's true that restoring from backup is the best option when you're hit with a ransomware attack there are several things to think about when you use backup as the core of your ransomware protection strategy. Recovery point objective (RPO): ...

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Your organization spent months archiving, refining and testing your business continuity plan. No doubt it is amazing, with a great deal of stone solid disaster recovery measures and wonderful documentation for getting back on course following a meltdown of significant systems. But, there is one element that may sink your lovely plan before it ever gets an opportunity to shine. It’s not fire or tsunami, it’s varying levels of end user frustration, apathy and general ignorance.

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Each year, many people are killed or seriously injured by severe storms and tornadoes despite advance warning. Some didn’t hear the warning, while others received the warning but did not believe a tornado would actually affect them. After you have received the warning or observed threatening skies, you must make the decision to seek shelter before the storm arrives. It could be the most important decision you will ever make.
IT Architechs Chooses St Louis Down Syndrome to Assist...

ST. LOUIS, MO - MARCH 26, 2018 - IT Architechs has chosen to support the St. Louis Down Syndrome organization with annual fundraising for the 10th straight year. IT Architechs holds a special friend close to us that has a son with Down Syndrome....

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