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Can You Spot a Phishing Email?

If you know what to look for, phishing emails are easy to spot. Even though phishing scams are always evolving, knowing just the basics can help you with identifying potentially malicious emails. Scammers use common forms of communication to...

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These are the passwords hackers try first when attacking ...

(Image credit: Shutterstock) Researchers from F-Secure have revealed the passwords most frequently used to attack honeypots - decoy servers around the world, designed to attract the attention of would-be hackers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first ...

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Ransomware: Why Your Employees Are the Last Line of Defense

Ransomware has been a growing concern for businesses of all sizes for many years. While there are many ways to prevent the threat from negatively impacting your business, one of the best strategies to follow is to educate your employees on the...

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Security innovation for a safer cyber-physical future
Join us on March 26th to learn how HP's product portfolio focuses security and sustainability. Colton Martines will take us through the path of the journey that helps us define a boundary between our physical and digital worlds..

Cyber Security - Taking Steps To Protect Your Business
You can view the webinar If you missed LammTech's CEO Rob Lamm , presenting Cybersecurity is an ongoing challenge for businesses large and small.