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5 Things Worth Sharing
1.  Release Day
On Saturday, September 3rd, we will be releasing animals from the Aquarium back into their natural habitats. The Aquarium, located at 28 Washington Street, will be open from 10AM to 1PM.  Visitors can partake in assisting with the release of the animals and view how the Aquarium staff begins the winterizing process of the tanks. This event is free to the public. 
2.  Important New Donation Made to the Mitchell House
In early July, the Mitchell House received two very special donations from a Mitchell family member.  A small white cotton infant's cap and a camlet (baby blanket) have descended in the Mitchell family via the oldest daughter since 1733.  A piece of twill tape is stitched to the underside of the blanket and on it are the initials and birth years of all of the baby girls who were wrapped in the blanket.  Read more.  
3. Successful Member's Only Events
This year, the MMA has created even more benefits for Members.  Member's Only Events are a special addition to this list.  This year, MMA Members have been able to have their own Open Nights at Loines Observatory with hot chocolate and cookies.  They have also been able to participate in special programs like touring a NOAA Research Vessel!  We are happy to give back to our Members who help support science education and research on Nantucket.  Memberships expire on 12/31/16, so stay tuned for our renewal process!
4. Thank You
The MMA is a special non-profit in that it only has a year-round staff of nine individuals.  Having such a small staff, the MMA depends significantly on the help of others.  We would like to give a special "shout out" to those who have helped make this summer a huge success!  To list a few groups: the 2016 interns, volunteers, members, donors, local businesses, and MMA Board Members.  Thank You!
5. Summer Closing Dates and Fall Hours
Aquarium: Open 9AM-11PM, August 29th - September 2nd

Natural Science Museum: Closes August 27th

Mitchell House: Open August 29th - September 2nd, 10 AM - 1 PM.  Please call for remaining September hours.

Vestal Street Observatory: Closes August 26th

Loines Observatory: Starting in September, 8 PM - 9:30 PM, MWF
Science Speaker Series

All Presentations take place at 33 Washington Street 
7:00 PM
Free for Members, $10 for Non-Member s

T hank you to Our Sponsors:
Dr. Mario Motta
Tuesday, August 30
“Human and Environmental Effects of Light at Night”
All of humanity is awed by the spectacular night sky, but with ever increasing outdoor lighting, few in the world see the sky in all its splendor. This has led to a movement to limit and control excessive outdoor lighting. In 2008, the WHO declared melatonin suppression from night lighting a cancer risk. Dr. Motta will explain the effects of light pollution and will describe best practices for the change over to efficient LED lighting.
Seth Engelbourg

Wednesday, August 31
“What’s All the Buzz: Using Drones for Environmental Conservation”

This presentation will analyze the scientific applications of using unmanned aircraft systems (often referred to as drones or UAS) for environmental conservation purposes.

 Dr. Jedediyah Williams 

Wednesday, September 7
“Robotics and Education”

Google bought up eight major robotics companies in 2013, so when will we be getting our robo-butlers?  Williams will discuss the state of the art in robotics and why you don't need to worry about technology rising up against us any time soon, probably.  Additionally, he will discuss his work on the DARPA Robotics Challenge with Lockheed Martin, the NASA Sample Robot Return Challenge, and how he's incorporated robotics into the classroom.  

 Full Science Speaker Series schedule here.
Take a Ride on "The Starlight Express"
Have you always wanted to come to an Open Night, but didn't know how to get there? Well, now there is an easy way!  

Thanks to  The Community Foundation for Nantucket's ReMain Nantucket Fund, the Maria Mitchell Association will be operating a FREE shuttle on Friday nights from downtown Nantucket to Loines Observatory.
New Members
Welcome New & Renewing Members!

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