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Recap of The Red-Tie Soir ée
Overall, The Nantucket Red-Tie Soir ée was a huge success! Guests enjoyed food, drinks, live music, and the chance to talk with interns and Astronaut Dan Burbank! We exceeded our goal of $150,000 through our live auction and donations.
THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and those who attended the event  we greatly appreciate your support!   
Maria Mitchell's Birthday Party
Come Celebrate on August 1st 
Join us to celebrate Maria Mitchell's birthday on August 1st from 1:00-4:00pm. This is a family, adult, and child-friendly event with live penod music, falconry demonstrations, a science expo, and old fashioned refreshments.

All MMA sites will be open on Vestal Street – including the Aquarium on Washington – and free to the public. Please join us!                                             
5 Things Worth Sharing
1. Mitchell House at Night 
Ever wonder what it’s like to be in the Mitchell House at night as the shadows grow longer and the house becomes darker and darker and darker? Come for a little behind-the-scenes-tour where we will tell you spooky ghost stories and if it’s clear, take a look through some telescopes – maybe even Maria’s own!

This program is offered on July 28 and August 11 from 8:00 - 9:00pm. You can register by calling  508.228.2896.

2. Private Events at Loines Observatory & The Aquarium
The Maria Mitchell Aquarium & Loines Observatory make great places to celebrate special events or host private parties!  Please contact Lauren Berlin at 508.228.9198 or  with any questions regarding renting a MMA facility, rates, and availability.
3. Osprey Banding
Dr. Bob Kennedy took groups out for osprey banding this past week! Among the crowd were Maria Mitchell staff, interns, and board members. Here are board members Joe Santucci and Ned Symes enjoying the afternoon. 
4. Marine Ecology Field Trips

What sea creatures live in Nantucket Harbor? Find out as you help collect, identify, and release fish, crabs, shrimp, and other marine life at local beaches! Marine Ecology Field Trips are family programs that take place Wednesdays-Fridays from 10:00am-12:00pm and on Saturdays from 1:00-3:00pm. Pre-registration is required. 

Click here to learn more and register.
5. Pictures from Red-Tie Soiree
Excited to check out your pictures from the Red-Tie Soiree? You can browse and save them from our Facebook page! 

Thanks to everyone who attended--it was a magical night! 
Mark Your Calendars: Next 2 Weeks at MMA
Summer Programs and Events

SIGN UP ONLINE to register for any of our events.
July 18th

July 19th 

July 20th

July 21st

July 22nd

July 23rd 

July 25th

July 26th

July 27th

July 28th

July 29th

All Presentations take place at 33 Washington Street 
7:00 PM
Free for Members, $10 for Non-Member s

T hank you to Our Sponsors:
Dr. Sarah Treanor Bois
Monday, July 18
“It’s All in the Timing: How Phenology Can Give Us Insight to Local Climate Change”
Dr. Sarah Treanor Bois’ research on phenology focuses on the timing of natural events such as budburst, leaf out, and hatch offering insight into species’ response to climate change. Her research program is inclusive involving students and volunteers of all ages and encouraging others to collect phenology data in their own backyard. 
Dr. Vladimir Strelnitski
Wednesday, July 20
“Unusual Light Phenomena” 
In this popular lecture, Dr. Strelnitski will share with the audience his admiration for atmospheric optics which create (more often than most people notice) unusual light effects. He will describe and explain such phenomena as polar lights; the “Green Flash;” mirages; various kinds of rainbows; the “Heiligenschein (Holy Light),” the halos around the sun and the moon; and ball lightening. The presentation will be concluded with some comments on the notorious UFO problem.
Bob Prescott

Wednesday, July 27
"Sea Turtles Around the Cape and Islands"
For over thirty years, Mass Audubon has been researching and rescuing sea turtles off of the beaches of Cape Cod. Every year as ocean temperatures drop, a cold wall forms preventing turtles from leaving the much warmer bay waters. As fall progresses, the bay temperature rapidly crashes sending the turtles into a hypothermic shock known as cold stunning, in which they become powerless to swim against the currents and are blown ashore by strong winds.
 Full Science Speaker Series schedule here.
Discovery Camp Scholarships
Scholarships : We still have scholarships available!  At 80% off, scholarships include a reduced-priced membership of $25.
Eligible Programs : Discovery Camp and Naturalist Leadership Program.
Eligibility: You must make 75% or less of the MA state median income (SMI) for your family size.  See MMA website for income amounts.
Application Deadline: First come, first served, for eligible applicants.
Scholarship Awarded : Ongoing, starting at the beginning of May.
How to Apply :  Download application  here or call 508-228-9198.
Scholarship Made Possible By : The generosity of EGCF, a non-profit foundation.
Becas de Campamento Descubrimiento
Gracias a la generosidad de EGCF, una fundación sin fines de lucro, hasta 12 becas disponibles por familias ELL.  Used recibirá 100% de descuento con la compra de una membresí de $25.

Para calificar su familia debe hacer el 75% o menos de los ingresos medios del tamaño de su familia por el estado de MA. 

  Obtenga más información  aquí .
Take a Ride on "The Starlight Express"
Have you always wanted to come to an Open Night, but didn't know how to get there? Well now there is an easy way!  

Thanks to  The Community Foundation for Nantucket's ReMain Nantucket Fund, the Maria Mitchell Association will be operating a FREE shuttle on Friday nights, from downtown Nantucket to Loines Observatory beginning June 17th.

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