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To The Nantucket Red-Tie Soirée

The Nantucket Red-Tie Soirée  Sunday, July 10th

There are only 10 days left until the event. . . 
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Get Your Bid On and Support the MMA
Bidding for the silent auction begins NOW. Bid on tickets, getaways, and more!

Guests and the public are welcome to submit bids by contacting Sarah Erichsen by email at or by phone at 508-228-9198. In person bidding begins at 7:00 PM at the Nantucket Red-Tie Soirée and will close at exactly 9:15 PM, the night of the event.

All profits from the silent auction will support the Maria Mitchell Association’s mission of science education and research on Nantucket.  Best of luck! 
6 Things Worth Sharing
1. NASA Astronaut Dan Burbank attending The Nantucket Red-Tie Soirée
We're very excited to announce Astronaut Burbank will be attending our Red-Tie Soi r ée! He will speak with guests about NASA and his experiences living and working on the International Space Station. Burbank will also be joined by this year’s MMA astronomy interns who are taking part in the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).  

Photo provided by NASA
2. New Director of Natural Science 
Emily Goldstein Murphy, Ph.D. has accepted the position of Director of Natural Science at the Maria Mitchell Association replacing outgoing Director, Andrew McKenna-Foster. Goldstein Murphy will begin her work at the MMA in
mid-August 2016.
3. New Art Exhibit at 33 Washington Street
From June 9 - September 1, we will be displaying “Red Tide Delight,” a sculpture of a Gray whale carved by Richard VanWicklen “Wick” Ahrens (1944-2016). A companion painting, “Baja Morning,” will also be on display. Both pieces are on loan from the Joffe Family and were inspired by a whaling pilgrimage Ahrens made to San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico.

  Read more.
4. Amazing Jewelry at Hinchman House Natural Science Museum Gift Shop
This rose thorn necklace by Mezze Jewelry, is cast from a real thorn in sterling silver. You can now get this unique piece (and more) for $50 at the Hinchman House Natural Science Museum Gift Shop on the corner of Milk and Vestal Streets. We also have more unique pieces available on our online gift shop.
Visit our online gift shop!
5. Historic Mitchell House Programs 
Mitchell House offers a variety of programs every Tuesday and Thursday for children ages 7-10! In the upcoming weeks, we will offer Nantucket Girls, Games of Long Ago, Scrapbooks and Dreams, and a Mystery History Ghost Tour. You can also learn the history of the island and Maria Mitchell on our daily Mitchell House tours.

6. New Program: Upcycle Whale Workshop
Learn the basics of sculpting with marine debris as you create your very own whale!  Cindy Pease Roe uses found marine debris to create treasured sculptures out of former trash.  Ages 10 and up.

Monday, July 11
Mark Your Calendars: Next 2 Weeks at MMA
Summer Programs and Events

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July 4th

July 5th 

July 6th

July 7th

July 8th

July 9th

July 10th

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All Presentations take place at 33 Washington Street 
7:00 PM
Free for Members, $10 for Non-Member s

T hank you to Our Sponsors:
Dr. Kathy Rhode
Wednesday, July 6
"Getting to Know the Neighbors: Discovering New Galaxies in the Nearby Universe" 
Over the past decade, new surveys of the immediate neighborhood of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, have revealed the presence of dozens of low-mass “dwarf” galaxies that had previously gone undetected. Many of these objects have  properties that challenge our picture of how galaxies form and evolve. Dr. Rhode will explain how she and her collaborators are using the Arecibo Radio Observatory and the WIYN optical telescope to find new galaxies. 
Cindy Pease Roe
Thursday, July 7
"Upcycling + Sculpting"
Explore with Cindy Pease Roe how her artwork demonstrates an artist’s ‘upcycling’ journey.  Cindy uses found marine debris to create treasured sculpture out of former trash.  Her art is used as public sculpture, private pleasure and as an educational tool.  The community is engaged by raising its awareness around the trash we leave behind in our oceans and the consequences of those actions.  Prepare to be awed and inspired!

Professor Donald Sadoway

Wednesday, July 13
"Electrochemical Pathways Towards Sustainability"
The road to sustainability is paved with electrochemical technology. This talk will offer examples of applied electrochemistry in action: metals production without CO2 emissions and stationary batteries for storage and delivery of off-peak power. These large batteries are a key step towards enabling carbon-free, renewable, electric power generation, while enhancing the security of today’s electrical grid.
 Full Science Speaker Series schedule here.
Discovery Camp Scholarships
Scholarships : We still have scholarships available!  At 80% off, scholarships include a reduced-priced membership of $25.
Eligible Programs : Discovery Camp and Naturalist Leadership Program.
Eligibility: You must make 75% or less of the MA state median income (SMI) for your family size.  See MMA website for income amounts.
Application Deadline: First come, first serve, for eligible applicants.
Scholarship Awarded : Ongoing, starting at the beginning of May.
How to Apply :  Download application  here or call 508-228-9198.
Scholarship Made Possible By : The generosity of EGCF, a non-profit foundation.
Becas de Campamento Descubrimiento
Gracias a la generosidad de EGCF, una fundación sin fines de lucro, hasta 12 becas disponibles por familias ELL.  Used recibirá 100% de descuento con la compra de una membresí de $25.

Para calificar su familia debe hacer el 75% o menos de los ingresos medios del tamaño de su familia por el estado de MA. 

  Obtenga más información  aquí .
Take a Ride on "The Starlight Express"
Have you always wanted to come to an Open Night, but didn't know how to get there? Well now there is an easy way!  

Thanks to  The Community Foundation for Nantucket's ReMain Nantucket Fund, the Maria Mitchell Association will be operating a FREE shuttle on Friday nights, from downtown Nantucket to Loines Observatory beginning June 17th.

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