The EPN Consulting Newsletter No. 108 | August 2019
The Editorial
Dear Colleague, 
In the late 1960s, when I was a child, I had a nice dark red bike (my grandfather was a bikes artisan) exclusively made for me and I was very proud of it! Some friends of mine had scooters powered by their own..feet. These were the best example of environmentally friendly vehicles and a very good opportunity to do physical exercise. In those days we used to spend a lot of time playing with friends outdoor, socialising with new children and exchanging “our vehicles”... Read more
The US left a hole in leadership on Climate. China is filling it
Often considered the bogeyman of global climate diplomacy, China is making greater and faster strides than expected away from fossil fuels becoming the world’s largest investor in solar and wind technology and boasting more jobs in solar energy than in coal mining. It’s all part of a long-term economic strategy to dominate in critical technologies.
World's Largest Electric Ferry enters service in Denmark
In mid-August an all-electric ferry, purported to be the world’s largest, completed its first voyage between two Danish islands as the shipping sector gears up for strict new emission laws due to take effect in 2020. The ferry "Ellen" steamed, or rather hummed, across the strait between the island ports of Fynshav and Søby in southern Denmark, powered by a 4.3-megawatt hour battery. The vessel is capable of... Read more
Electronic word-of-mouth can make or break a product launch
For companies to stay relevant and competitive, innovation is essential. But being too innovative risks turning consumers off and generating negative word-of-mouth. When Toyota introduced the Prius, the first mass-produced hybrid car, the initial consumer buzz put the car’s future in some jeopardy. The design looked odd to consumers. Read more
European Mobility Week 2019
As itusually happens every year, EPN Consulting is happy to promote the European Mobility Week (16-22 Sept 2019) that this year focuses on ' safe walking and cycling' and the ways active mobility can benefit our health, environment, and bank balances. Read more
The "Politecnico di Torino" University launches new course on Technologies for Manufacturing Industry
The Politecnico di Torino, one of the most relevant Technical University in Italy, launches a new professional program on “ Technologies for manufacturing industry” (Tecnologie per l’industria manifatturiera). The Italian Ministry of Education ( MIUR) urges the Italian Universities to develop new proposals for educating graduated technician according to a professional model largely adopted in Europe... Read more
The Website of the Month: 5G Automotive Association (5GAA)
The 5G Automotive Association is a global, cross-industry organisation of companies from the automotive, technology, and telecommunications industries (ICT), working together to develop end-to-end solutions for future mobility and transportation services.
Created in September 2016, the 5GAA unites a large member base, including 8 founding members: AUDI AG, BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Nokia, and Qualcomm Incorporated.

Since its inception, 5GAA has rapidly expanded to include key players with a global footprint in the automotive, technology and telecommunications industries. This includes automotive manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers, chipset/communication system providers, mobile operators and infrastructure vendors. More than 110 companies have now joined 5GAA. Diverse both in terms of geography and expertise, 5GAA’s members are committed to helping define and develop the next generation of connected mobility and automated vehicle solutions.

Upcoming Professional Events - find many more in our Events Section
05 Sept 2019: LAST CHANCE to submit H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 proposals

12 Sept 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [LC-MG-1-5-2019] call (RIA, Stage 2 – Advancements in aerodynamics and innovative propulsion systems for quieter and greener aircrafts)

12 Sept 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [LC-MG-1-8-2019] call (RIA, IA, Stage 2 – Retrofit Solutions and Next Generation Propulsion for Waterborne Transport)

12 Sept 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [LC-MG-1-9-2019] call (RIA, Stage 2 – Upgrading transport infrastructure in order to monitor noise and emissions)

12 Sept 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [LC-MG-1-10-2019] call (RIA, Stage 2 – Logistics solutions that deal with requirements of the ‘on demand economy’ and for shared-connected and low-emission logistics operations)

12 Sept 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [MG-2-6-2019] call (RIA, Stage 2 – Moving freight by Water: Sustainable Infrastructure and Innovative Vessels)

12 Sept 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [MG-2-7-2019] call (RIA, Stage 2 – Safety in an evolving road mobility environment)

12 Sept 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [MG-2-8-2019] call (RIA, Stage 2 – Innovative applications of drones for ensuring safety in transport)

12 Sept 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [MG-2-9-2019] call (RIA, Stage 2 – InCo Flagship on Integrated multimodal, low-emission freight transport systems and logistics)
09-12 Sept 2019 – Florence (IT) – IEEE RTSI 2019 – 5th International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry

09-13 Sept 2019 – Trento (IT) – ICIAP 2019 – 20th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing

11-12 Sept 2019 – London (UK) – European Fleet Management Summit 2019

11-12 Sept 2019 – Birmingham (UK) – RWM 2019 – Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition

12 Sept 2019 – Düsseldorf (DE) – EU OPEN FOR BUSINESS Info Day

12-13 Sept 2019 – Brescia (IT) – LWC (Living and Walking in Cities) 2019 – XXIV International Conference – PEDESTRIANS, URBAN SPACES and HEALTH

16-17 Sept 2019 – Brussels (BE) – Horizon 2020 Info Days on Societal Challenge 5 “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials” – 2020 Calls

16-20 Sept 2019 – Budapest (HU) – CAMS (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service) 4th General Assembly

16-22 Sept 2019 – EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2019

17-19 Sept 2019 – Stuttgart (DE) – INTERGEO 2019

18 Sept 2019 – London (UK) – Building Sustainable Towns and Cities 2019

18 Sept 2019 – Birmingham (UK) – SMART TRANSPORT Conference

19-20 Sept 2019 – Helsinki (FI) – ICT Proposers’ Day 2019 by the EC
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