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Although the Centers for Culture and History in Orleans (previously the Orleans Historical Society) remain closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you can re-live local history through the eyes of many long-time Orleans residents--past and present--in the safety of your home.

“In Those Days” online videos, produced by Tom Cronin and Tamsen Martin-Cornell, are available anytime on the CHO YouTube channel . One of the oral histories, enriched with photographs and local scenes, recounts the impact of Hurricane Bob on Orleans in 1991. An introduction by Anne and Mark Carron appears below.

We will be adding new content including concerts, “The Land Called Nawsett” exhibition, and numerous lectures and presentations to the CHO Channel in the weeks ahead. Also, we will continue to highlight other “In Those Days” segments. Please monitor these e-Newsletters for more information about these programs. In the meantime, stay safe.
1991 Hurricane Bob
On Monday, August 19, 1991 Hurricane Bob was barreling toward Cape Cod with winds gusting to 115mph. Will Case and other employees at Nauset Marine, one of the most respected marine facilities in Massachusetts, hurriedly took more than 150 boats out of the water that day before the storm made landfall at 4:00 p.m. Hear and see Case, Orleans officials and residents recount their experiences in a video history online at .

The devastation Hurricane Bob caused, particularly in Orleans, was enormous. It was acknowledged that because Orleans had many more locust trees (with very shallow roots) than neighboring towns, storm damage there was most severe. Some 90% of the roads were impassable and it took every available town department, along with private contractors, to tackle clearing the roads over the next week before utility companies could get in to begin restoring downed lines.

On a personal note, at the time we lived on South Orleans Road and lost power for 7 nights. We had no hot water and a neighbor and I made trips to the Ice House in Brewster to buy blocks of ice to refrigerate items. I had just finished taking a summer course of Chemistry at Cape Cod Community College and was so thankful I didn’t have to worry about going to school and not showering!

This video is one of many virtual programs that present a slice of what life was like “In Those Days.” Undoubtedly it was a simpler time, but these stories will enrich your knowledge of the town we love. We encourage you to view these treasures.

Anne and Mark Carron,
Longtime Orleans residents and CHO members

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