The Power of Advantage’s Standing Order Subscriptions

Advantage offers numerous features to ensure your business strategy is aligned with your customers' expectations. In this article, we’d like to introduce you to a lesser known, yet powerful subscription feature…Advantage's Standing Order Subscriptions. These subscriptions are referred to as "standing orders" because the subscriptions continue to "stand," or remain active, until all the products in the series have been released and shipped to your customers. The individual shipments are not sent on a fixed schedule, as is the case with typical subscriptions; instead, they are released as each product becomes available.

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CDS Global Expands Partnership with AdvantageCS

CDS Global, a leading provider of end-to-end subscription management and payment solutions, announced today it is expanding its current relationship with software company AdvantageCS to include its U.S. business base. The announcement was made by Paul Polus, President of CDS Global and Bryan Varblow, Vice President of Operations for AdvantageCS.

Currently servicing the international division of CDS Global, the AdvantageCS software will enable the company’s U.S. operations to launch a flexible, modern, single system of record for all product types, including digital, print, memberships, associations, events and physical goods as recurring or one-time purchases. When coupled with CDS Global’s best-in-industry ancillary services, AdvantageCS creates a powerful and robust solution for both existing and new-market clients, while positioning CDS Global for long-term growth.

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Why Bundling Matters: Elevating Brand Value & Customer Retention

In the ever-changing digital world, publishers continuously look for ways to adapt their business models to stay relevant and profitable. One strategy that has gained traction is bundling, which involves combining different content offerings into a single package. This is a great way to attract new subscribers and offer more value to current ones. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of bundling for publishers, examine current trends in bundling strategies, highlight pitfalls to avoid, and present other noteworthy trends within the subscription economy.

Historically, print editions were bundled collections of articles, information, services, and games, distributed per issue, at a given frequency. However, the rise of digital technology has disrupted this concept, allowing consumers to access individual articles and content through various platforms online. While this approach offers convenience and flexibility, it has also resulted in a decline in brand value for publishers.

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Meet Gabriel Rees: Our Newest Business Analyst

We're pleased to welcome Gabriel Rees, the newest addition to our Business Analyst team led by Eric Burbeck. Gabriel brings a great deal of experience and a passion for business that makes him an excellent fit for AdvantageCS.

Before coming here, Gabriel attended Milligan University in Tennessee where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. After college, he started his professional journey as a Jr. Producer at Imagination, making his way into the marketing agency world. He then took an opportunity to explore a career with the first Chick-fil-A in Michigan before returning to automotive marketing as a Senior Studio Producer at Makerhouse supporting the Ford business. He enjoyed collaborating with talented design experts to create meaningful brand work and seeing his projects on billboards and online banners.

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