Feb. 9, 2023
On Monday, January 9th, community representatives joined Rabbi Yossi Kaplan, Director of Agudath Israel of Colorado, to congratulate newly elected and re-elected government officials during the Swearing-In Ceremony at the Colorado Capitol on the first day of the 2023 legislative session.

During the visit to the Capitol, community members connected with State Representatives, State Senators, and their aides including Senator Julie Gonzales (Westside), Senator Chris Hansen (Eastside), Senator Jeff Bridges (Southeast), Senator Kevin Priola, Senator Kevin Van Winkle, Senator Rod Pelton, State Representative Dafna Michaelson-Jenet, State Representative Iman Joseph (Aurora), State Representative Julie Gonzales (West Side), State Representative Ty Winter, State Representative Steven Woodrow (Eastside), and State Representative Meg Froelich (Southeast).
State Rep. Dafna Michaelson-Jenet with Rabbi Yossi Kaplan and community representatives
State Senator Rod Pelton with Rabbi Yossi Kaplan
State Senators Chris Hansen and Jeff Bridges with Rabbi Yossi Kaplan
Representatives of the community joined Rabbi Yossi Kaplan at the Capitol
A New Agudah of Colorado Program
This January saw the launch of a new, exciting program in Denver by Agudas Yisroel of Colorado. Kesher, a big-sister-little-sister program, pairs up post-seminary women with middle school girls and provides them with the opportunity to enjoy quality time through one-on-one outings twice a month. Prototyped after Agudah of Chicago's program, Kesher is designed to foster positive relationships and role-modeling for Denver's younger generation.

Already in its first month, Kesher has seen much positive feedback. Both mentors and mentees expressed enthusiasm about the program and were eager to begin their outings and build relationships. "My daughter is always asking for an older sister," one mother relates. "As soon as I saw this program, I thought, 'Wow! Where do I sign up?'"

Each Kesher mentor is specially recruited by Mrs. Faigy Gertz, Assistant Menaheles at Hillel Academy of Denver and Denver's Director of Kesher. After the initial screening, the mentor then goes through a formal training with a licensed Denver-area social worker, Mrs. Adina Krausz, LCSW. Throughout the program, mentors periodically check in with Mrs. Gertz and can reach out to Mrs. Krausz as well for ongoing guidance.

"A key element of Agudah's mission is to provide programs that cater to the individual as well as contribute to community growth," says Rabbi Yossi Kaplan, Director of Agudas Yisroel of Colorado. "This program helps us do both."

Mrs. Gertz is excited about the program too. "I believe that the relationships created through Kesher will be invaluable in the lives of the participants," she remarks. "I look forward to seeing how Kesher will grow and expand."

To sponsor or get involved, contact Shifra Jacobs at [email protected]g.
Kesher mentors have a formal training with Mrs. Adina Krausz, LCSW.
On Tuesday, January 10th, in collaboration with Agudath Israel of Colorado, leaders of Orthodox community organizations came together to join an important security briefing.

The meeting was hosted by JEWISHcolorado and led by Michael Masters, CEO of the Secure Community Network (SCN), and Brad Orsini, Senior National Security Advisor at SCN, who were visiting from Chicago to address security concerns they are seeing on a national level. 
The New York Times has recently leveled a barrage of outrageous attacks on our Hasidic and Haredi (or “Ultra-Orthodox”) communities. These articles present a grossly distorted picture of our Yeshivas and our way of life; from the way we educate our children, handle marriage, divorce, and custody disputes, and how we support our families while holding fast to our faith and traditions. What’s missing from this narrative is a respect for faith, freedom, and facts.

The Hasidic community in New York and across America is thriving, but you wouldn't know that from the New York Times. Its coverage has lacked any semblance of balance and lobbed accusations bordering on slander. 

KnowUs.org is a grassroots project of Agudath Israel with the goal of asking policymakers, journalists, and all New Yorkers to stand up and respect diversity, embrace the cultural patchwork that is New York, and to champion faith, freedom, and facts.

For 24 hours, join hundreds in pursuing true professional excellence at the 2023 H3 Business Halacha Summit.

Network with hundreds of frum businessmen, learn about relevant halacha in day-to-day business, and be inspired by prominent rabbonim, industry leaders, and like-minded individuals.

Watch the video here.
Denver Rabbonim gathered in Kehilas Zera Avraham on Tuesday, January 23rd for a 4-hour course delivered by Rav Eliezer Gewirtzman shlita for Agudas Yisroel’s Chayim Aruchim. The course educates rabbonim on how to present sha’alos and gives the rabbonim tools to be able to spot a halachic problem in the health care arena that they may be unaware of. The Rabbonim were joined by other Denver Roshei Mosdos and several kollel yungerleit.

Chayim Aruchim, The Center for Culturally Sensitive Health Advocacy and Counseling, was established by Agudath Israel of America to help our community make health care decisions according to halacha. With a team of halachic authorities, legal experts, medical, patient and pastoral care professionals and high-level government policy advocates, Chayim Aruchim endeavors to serve as a vital resource in championing, promoting, and ensuring the implementation of preferences of Torah observant patients’ care decisions in compliance with halacha.

To learn more about Chayim Aruchim or get in touch, call 718-Aruchim (718-278-2446) or visit Chayim Aruchim.