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August 2016 Newsletter
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Local Animal Abuse Unit
Cobb County Spotlight

Florida made headlines with an Orlando based Animal Crime Unit recently. Here is what ADA Sherwin Figueroa of Cobb District Attorney’s Office told us about their Animal Abuse Unit:

“District Attorney Vic Reynolds created the Animal Abuse Unit in 2013 after reviewing numerous studies that have shown that individuals who commit animal abuse are more likely to progress to committing crimes of domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse. The Unit works closely with Animal Control and Police in obtaining felony convictions in cases where animals have been beaten, killed, and even burned alive. By specializing in these crimes, we can better seek justice and monitor these Defendants closely, in an effort to keep them from harming others.” 

Smyrna Man to Serve Four Years 

This month, Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds announced that a Smyrna man convicted of torturing a dog by burning the animal has been sentenced to four years in prison. 

On July 18, after a week-long trial, a Cobb jury convicted Calib Dansel Lanier, 23, of two counts of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals and one count of Criminal Damage to Property in the Second Degree.

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