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You Were There for BINA
Cornell Experts at Educational Event
BINA in Binah
Lakewood Reception
Update on Mandatory Helmet Law
BINA at Lakewood Hatzolah Live Auction
Expo in Spring 2018
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You Were There for BINA: Fundraising Campaign Raises Over $300,000 in 24 Hours
It was an exciting and tension-filled day at BINA on Tuesday, June 20 th , as we participated for the first time in a 24-hour "crowdfunding" campaign through 

With the help of our wonderful matchers and donors, we surpassed the original goal of $250,000 and went into a "bonus round", ultimately raising a total of $335,531. 

These funds will go a long way in helping us to fulfill our mission of ensuring that no brain injury survivor is alone while on the long and difficult road to recovery. 

To see our campaign page, go to

Thank you to all who participated!
Weill Cornell Experts Present on Pediatric Neuropsych Testing Process
Brain injury can affect every function of the body, whether physical, emotional or cognitive. Although physical issues are usually easily recognized, the average person doesn't appreciate the extent and nature of cognitive deficits that may occur following a brain injury, even a relatively mild one. In fact, most people do not have an understan ding of how the different cognitive processes or domains in thebrain work, and how injury may impact them.
(l-r) Elchanan Schwarz, Dr. Kenneth Perrine, Dr. Samuel Mandelman
A video of the event can be viewed at

After a brain injury, a physician may recommend a neuropsychological evaluation to identify both the exact nature of the problem and to  inform the treatment plan. Testing may be appropriate even for a mild brain injury such as a concussion if the symptoms persist. 

However, the average person is not familiar with the "neuropsych" testing process, and even after testing is completed, many families have no idea what to do with the results.

When it comes to children with cognitive deficits, the situation is even more complicated by educational demands or issues. A child may be tested at the recommendation of therapists at a rehab facility or the administration or teaching staff of a school. However, the staff is often unequipped to take the necessary steps to implement the educational plan as formulated in the report.

BINA and the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center co-sponsored a fascinating and informative event
entitled "The Neurologically Impacted Child in the Educational System," to educate parents, teachers, therapists and other professionals about this critical area. Topics included how to understand a neuropsych evaluation, when and why it may be necessary, and what you can do, particularly in the yeshiva school system, to maximize the benefit of the testing results.

BINA in Binah
BINA was featured in an article in a recent issue of Binah Magazine. 

To read the article  Click Here  ( reprinted with permission of Binah Magazine).
Lakewood Reception a Resounding Success
Hundreds of Lakewood families have benefited from BINA's unique services, and the community had an opportunity to express their gratitude at a reception on July 19 th . The beautiful event at the home of Shaya Prager was well-attended by a crowd of BINA friends and families. 

Rabbi Malkiel Kotler shlit"a addressed the gathering with warm and personal words of approbation and encouragement and a gripping video was shown featuring the father of a young stroke survivor. The harmonious singing of Isaac Honig and The Zemiros Groups was enjoyed by all.

Mandatory  Helmet Bill Introduced in New York State Legis lature
We salute the sponsors of legislation in Albany to make helmets mandatory for all bicycle riders. The bill was introduced in the New York State Senate by Senator Simcha Felder and in the Assembly by Assemblywoman Nily Rozic. 
Senator Felder commented that "Helmets are a simple way to prevent injury and death for bicycle riders. Since the bill was introduced, a chorus of naysayers has tried to justify non-use of helmets and even to twist the statistics to prove that they don't work.

"Common sense and rock-solid evidence demonstrate the fallacy of these arguments," he added. "I will continue to work to ensure that this lifesaving legislation is passed in the Senate, as will Assemblywoman Rozic in the Assembly. "
BINA Joins Lakewood Hatzolah Live Auction for Brain Injury Segment
BINA was pleased to participate in a panel on medical emergencies, with a special segment about brain injury, at Lakewood Hatzolah's Live Auction on July 5 th

Elchanan Schwarz, LMHC, Director of Crisis Intervention at BINA, took part in a lively discussion about brain injury emergency care, recovery and rehabilitation. The Auction was viewed and listened to by tens of thousands of individuals around the country.
BINA Rehabilitation and Disability Expo Scheduled for Spring 2018
A partial view of the crowd at Expo 2016

We have received several inquiries from vendors interested in registering for our Rehabilitation and Disability Expo. 

A biannual event, the next Expo will take place in Spring 2018. 
Stay tuned for the date and registration details, available early next year!