Common Factors Leading to Sagging Floors
  • Spring Thaw: the water produced by the melting ice and snow both above and below ground cause the soil to become oversaturated and seep into the structure
  • High Humidity: causes boards and joists to absorb water from the air and rot
  • Water Saturation: high water tables and surrounding floods lead to an abundance of water needing to go somewhere - often it finds even the tiniest of cracks in foundations to make their way into your dwelling
  • Insects: termites and beetles can wreak havoc on wood beams
  • Age of Home: outdated building codes, regulations and original materials used may not support remodel designs or enhancements made to the property over time
  • Insufficient Support: the main support beam may not be sized proportionately or supported properly with proper spacing of support posts
  • Additional Stressors: many modern design elements, like granite counter-tops, or recreational items, like pool tables or hot tubs, add additional weight that could put more strain on older homes not designed to originally have these features.