Volume 26 | January 27, 2022
Featured Project: Hudsonville Heroes
Water coming into a home through basement walls is quite common, especially for Michigan homeowners. Our team provided this customer with an interior waterproofing solution to keep their basement dry.
Our Initial Inspection Revealed Heavy Water Damage on the Walls and Floor
The red arrows in the photos below highlight the heavy water damage on the walls and floor perimeter. Far too often, homeowners settle for having to keep their belongings shielded from water damage and become accustomed to sacrificing full use of their basements. This is where our team steps in to help!
A Synopsis of the Work Our Team Performed and the Finished Product
We installed an interior drainage system to move water entering through the walls away from the home. The wall liner used directs the flow of the entering water into our drainage system, which then exits through the sump pump and is pushed out the long discharge line and away from the house. In this particular case, we even dug underneath their fence to allow our drainage line to extend as far away from the home as possible.
If you have a home where water is entering through the basement walls, it won't fix itself. In fact, it will only become magnified when the snow melts at the end of the season. Don't delay — contact us now to get ahead of the Spring thaw and let us help you regain full use of your basement!