Volume 15 | January 21, 2021
How Important Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?
Crawl Spaces Can Significantly Impact the Overall Health of a Home
We get it. Crawl spaces are tight areas that are often cold, dirty, and even damp in many cases. Not many people pay attention to them, which is unfortunate. Neglecting a crawlspace can pose serious health issues for both you and your home or office building:

  • Wooden support beams and floor joists rot easily when exposed to leaks
  • Materials supporting the very weight of the structure become severely damaged and potentially give way
  • Hazardous mold and bacteria grow
  • An unsealed, wet, and moldy crawlspace is very inviting to unwanted pests

Our experts can detect and resolve crawl space issues for you.
***Rest assured, our hardworking team takes additional precautions to protect our customers, communities, and each other as we do our part to help slow the spread of
COVID-19.*** (Virtual inspections are available for anyone interested.)
Take a Look at What Our Team Can Do!
Notice the pool of water in the first photo and the overall condition of the crawl space upon our arrival for the inspection:
See the same crawl space from the above photos after our team encapsulated the area:
The Foundation Specialist Approach
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