Volume 31 | June 23, 2022

Watch Out for Those Trees!

How Do Trees Affect Home Foundations? 

Tree roots are very powerful and can have a rather large impact on the structural integrity of your home. Tree roots take the path of least resistance causing soil to shift and become displaced as the roots extend in search of nutrients for the tree, leading to the expansion and contraction that ultimately compromises the structural integrity of homes.

The Importance of Tree Placement

Don't get us wrong, we love trees! Trees serve wonderful purposes and are a beautiful addition to any landscape; our goal here is to simply bring awareness to the fact trees can be an important component in evaluating your homes structural integrity.

If you are working with existing trees on your property, keep a keen eye on the soil around the trees and also the soil around the foundation of your home. Watch for bowing walls and cues of settling in your foundation, such as:

  • noticeable cracks in foundation walls
  • the appearance of cracks in walls or above windows and door frames
  • windows and doors feel "stuck" and don't open and close like they used to
  • uneven floors
  • garage is separating from the home
  • chimney appears to be pulling away
  • one or more sides of your home appear to be "sinking" into the soil

If you are seeking to add to trees to your landscaping, consider factors like:

  • soil conditions
  • proximity to your home
  • choosing a slow-growing tree species that has less aggressive rooting tendencies prior to planting

A general rule of thumb to use as a guide is to consider that the roots will extend out as far as 2-3 times the height of the tree. Once the tree is planted, continue to assess your home regularly afterwards. It is important to catch issues early, so they can be addressed immediately. Otherwise, the damages can become more extensive, pose greater risks to safety and can be more costly. 

Are You Noticing Bowed Walls or Foundation Settlement at Your Home?

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