Volume 28 | March 24, 2022
Don't Be Fooled by Stair Step Cracks!
The Deception of Stair Step Cracks
Because stair step cracks follow the mortar joints, they seemingly give the appearance of needing just a quick fix, however stair step cracks are a sure sign of settling in a block foundation. It can be easy to dismiss the importance of repairing these cracks structurally. Tempted to simply fill the stair step cracks themselves by adding more mortar to the joints, many homeowners make the dangerous mistake of tackling these repairs without further exploring the cause or severity of the issue.
Push Piers
Helical Piers
Utilizing Piers to Stabilize Structures
Settling foundations like those seen above need to be repaired by experienced professionals. Upon review of the home itself, detection of hydrostatic pressure, and evaluation of the surrounding soil conditions, our team will determine which style and quantity of piers are required for the repairs. Most commonly, push piers are used, but on occasion helical piers may be needed. Luckily for homeowners — our team is qualified and works with both styles of piers!

Don't fall into the trap of a quick fix when it comes to securing the safety of your loved ones and shoring up your home. Let us help keep your family and your investment protected for years to come — contact us today!