Volume 30 | May 19, 2022

"Just How Bad Is That Crack In My Wall?"

We Get Asked This Question A Lot! 

If your basement or foundation walls have cracks in them, it is very important that they are investigated by our experts who can diagnose the cause and implement a repair to prevent any future damage. There are many factors to consider when evaluating cracks in walls, starting with the type of wall (block, poured, etc.) and also the style of crack (horizontal, stair-step, vertical, etc.). This month's focus is on cracks in poured walls, but you can learn how we fix other styles of wall cracks by viewing some of our past newsletter editions in the news section on our website.  

Poured Wall Cracks in Foundations

Typically caused by hydrostatic pressure, wall cracks in poured foundations frequently cause water issues for homeowners, ultimately causing increased worry and strife. Below are some examples.

Whether You Have One Wall Crack or Several, We Can Help! 

Our comprehensive repairs involve installing a high quality water draining system complete with wall liner, an example of which can be seen below. By including the drainage system as part of the repair process, we not only address the already existing crack, but we take steps to ensure that additional cracks will not form because we are now giving the water a designated and controlled path to move through the basement to the sump pump where it is expelled out the discharge line and away from the home. This approach not only reduces the stress on the poured concrete, making it less likely to crack again but also diverts water away from your home and avoid a host of other damages and problems all together. 

When facing a single crack repair, as opposed to multiple cracks like above, our team can address and repair a section of the wall by filling the crack and placing waterproof paneling. Below are photos of a recent repair we preformed. 

Our team will provide a solution that is tailored to your specific needs to ensure cracks are repaired and water is kept away from your foundation. Don't let cracks in foundation walls cause you to lose value on your home — contact us today for help protecting your investment!

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