Volume 44 | September 28, 2023

Take Advantage of Your Crawl Space! 

As a homeowner, are you...

  • Wishing you had extra storage space in your home?
  • Trying to lower your heating bills for the winter months?
  • Wanting to rid your house of mold, mildew, or pests?

Look no further than your crawl space!

Impacts a Crawl Space Can Have on a Home

Excess humidity and moisture in a crawl space can lead to several issues that plague homeowners:

poor quality air being pulled up and circulated throughout the home via the stack effect

colder floors

•higher energy bills

•mold, mildew, and pests

wooden support beams & floor joists below the home rotting, warping, buckling, and decaying

sinking, uneven floors and severe structural damage to the home

Installing a dehumidifier in your home gives you greater control over your home's humidity. We use premium, commercial grade products to protect your family and property from the harmful effects of excessive moisture.

How We Care for Your Crawl Space

To protect against leaks, excess humidity, and structural failures, our team thoroughly examines and installs a custom solution based on the needs of your particular home. We expertly install top of the line products like vapor barriers, spray foam, floor liners, sump pumps, drainage systems, dehumidifiers, and support posts so you can rest easy knowing your crawl space is safe and dry. 

Here are a few recent crawl spaces that benefited from our work:

Let Us Help You Maximize Your Space and Restore the Health of Your Home

Give your crawl space the attention it needs. Contact us now to ensure your that your crawl space is functional and safe.  

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