Volume 29 | April 28, 2022
How Do You Keep Water Away from Your Home?
We Encourage You to Think Outside the Box! Or Better Yet, Think Outside Your Home!
There are several vulnerable areas where water can pour or seep into your home. Additionally, water can pool around your foundation in many spots as well, causing both immediate and long-term structural damages.

An All-Encompassing Approach
In addition to performing installation services for interior waterproofing systems, such as sump pumps, drains, dehumidifiers for humidity control, and more, we also provide exterior drains and exterior waterproofing techniques to help stop seepage at the source before it ever makes its way underneath the home. Our team goes above and beyond and takes a full circle look at your property when we perform our inspections. We frequently incorporate gutters by including downspout extensions in our full circle waterproofing approach.
Look What We Did!
Check out how our team diverted excess water away from this home by extending these downspouts and routed the water underground out to the bubbler pot and into the designated drainage area further out back of the home.
First, our team linked two separate downspout locations.
We then ran one long extension along the side yard being careful to respect the homeowner's yard.
Lastly, we installed a bubbler pot to help control the water flow rate and complete the final step of diverting water away from the home and out to the designated drainage area.
Our team will provide a comprehensive solution that will ensure water is kept away from your foundation, keeping both your family and your investment protected. Don't delay — contact us today!