Volume 33 | August 25, 2022

Look Out Below! 

Thankfully, No One Was Hurt!

Our team recently performed work at a home that experienced a structural collapse: water had been leaking in from the rain and snow melt which eroded the foundation and caused a complete structural collapse of the basement walls. Sadly, this happens more often than you would think and is incredibly dangerous.

Job Spotlight: We Helped this Homeowner Rebuild and Gain Peace of Mind for Years to Come

Our Assessment

Here are some photos taken by one of our Specialist during our thorough inspection: 

Our Solution

Our team began by installing temporary supports so we could perform the work safely and effectively. We removed the old wall and footer and cleared all debris. Pouring a new footer was the next step, which then led to building a new block wall, complete with rebar, to support the home. To help minimize future water leaks due to weather conditions, our team waterproofed the newly built wall before backfilling the dirt. Photos taken throughout the process can be seen below:

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