February 2017
February Birthdays
Faye Hilger (2/4)
Heather Folliard (2/14)
Ashley Rotty (2/19)
Kent Stone (2/6)
Lydia White (2/15)
Rob Tennant (2/20)
Dina Sit (2/9)
Martha Partin (2/16)
Jackson Allen (2/24)
Frank McKeever (2/13)
Troy Barnes (2/19)

Chili Cook-Off & Game Night
Saturday, Feb 11
Have a tasty chili recipe? Bring it to the Annual HillSong Chili Cook-Off for a chance to win the golden trophy! Drinks, fixings and corn bread will be provided. Proceeds to support the youth summer mission trip. To enter your chili and more details contact Enam
Out to lunch sign
Cornerstone Singles
Sunday, Feb 11
The Cornerstone Singles will meet for their 2nd Sunday lunch following worship on Sun, Feb 11th. All are welcome to attend. Contact Susan for more information.
Canned Food
Food Pantry Donations Needed
Help feed people in our community by contributing to the Yates Association food pantry. From now through February we will be collecting for the pantry. A list of needed items is on the round table in the hallway. Place your donations on or near the table.

Opportunities for Ministry
Kombolcha Update
Children at care point
HillSong w i ll NOT be going to Ethiopia this year. Because the state of emergency has not been lifted, we have postponed the trip until March 2018. However, we plan to host an end-of-school celebration for the children at both CarePoints so they know we are thinking of them. We hope to have more information about this soon.
Highlights from the year end update from Meserete Kristos --
At the CarePoint:
  •  We have started a library!! We have shared the good news with the children and we are encouraging them to check out books. Twenty children checked out books our first month.
  •  School fees, school supplies and school uniforms were provided to the children.
  •  We have paid college and trade school fees for 14 students!
  •  We continue to support 3 University students
  •  Bible study continues in Genesis 12:1-9, Ecclesiastes 1: 1-9, Memory verse - Malachi 3:6
(Complete Meserete Kristos highlights here)
We are still actively seeking donations for the grief and trauma counseling for our Kombolcha CarePoints. Ethiopia is currently under a state of emergency and it is difficult to imagine the fear families may be living under. If you can, please make a donation here
If you are interested in sponsoring an additional child or know someone who would be interested you can set up a sponsorship online.
Spotlight - Carmen & Dale Phillips
The Phillips Family
Carmen and Dale Phillips serve with Reach Global and their primary work is spiritual support and training for missionaries in the field. The Philips have in the past been based in Europe (4 years in Hungary, 4 in Romania). More recently, they have led retreats, offered counseling, and emergency support to missionaries, in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East, while the family has been based in Hilton Head, SC.
The Phillips entire income is generated through donations. Churches and individuals give monetary support to the Phillips through Reach Global. HillSong, as a church, supports the Philips' mission. Several HillSong families do as well. In 2017, the entire Phillips family will be heading back overseas for 7 months. As a result they will have additional expenses totaling $23,000.
If you haven't signed up to support them either with a monthly gift, an annual gift, or a one-time gift, please pray about doing so. If you are one of their supporters, please pray about increasing your pledge or giving a bit extra just for 2017.
Thank you considering this and for continuing to pray for Dale & Carmen, and their children Justin, Karina, Rebecca, and Gregory.
Developing Our God Receptors - from Pastor Rob
painter clipart
        We have sensory receptors. Our eyes transduce light, our ears sound, and so on. When it comes to processing the information that light, sound, touch, and the other senses convey to us, our experiences, our temperament, our IQ, our personality style, and our world view all influence how we process the words our eyes read or ears hear. So then, how do we see or hear God in it?
        At our church, we are spending 2017 trying to see and hear more of God, and even taste and see that God is good (Psalm 34:8). We want to feel God's Spirit fill us and wash over us. This talk of the senses in relation to knowing God is intended to fully awaken us for the sake of knowing more of God than we now know. It is both metaphor and literal knowing.
        One of the points I have tried to emphasize is that God is present, is speaking, and is active - right here, right now. If we can't hear and see God, it might be because we are too distracted. We're paying attention to other things and God in God's freedom chooses to allow us to choose to ignore him. Living in America in 2017, there is plenty of noise vying for our attention. TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, streaming news, streaming video, You Tube; it all competes for our minds. With our eyes drawn to all this media, how do we ever focus and see and hear and know the God who loves us?
        We need to develop our brains and then get our brains in tune with our sense receptors so that we are ready to see and hear God amidst the noise. The first thing to do is to block it all out (temporarily). This mostly happens in daily devotions. Get up early when the world is still relatively quiet. Pray and read the Bible, but before doing that, sit in silence. Ask God, 'O Lord, what do you want for me today?' Then sit in silence and await God's reply.
December Numbers
Dec2016 Financial Snapshot
For more detail on the amounts in the Financial Snapshot, see the December 2016 Financial Statement. Copies are available at the back of the Worship Center on the Information Table.