September 2017
September Birthdays
Diane Sudderth (9/2)
Jon Sander (9/9)
Sharon Henley (9/24)
Vicki Erwin (9/7)
Anna White (9/9)
Susan Howe (9/24)
Gloria Keller (9/7)
Will Allen (9/11)
Jenny T. Shigekawa (9/25)
Greg Myers (9/7)
Susan Dunn (9/12)
Roger Sit (9/29)
Phil Partin (9/9)
Heather Newhouse (9/16)

Opportunities for Ministry
Meals for Refuge
The students are back! Meals are an important part of this student ministry. Every Monday is available for sign-up. Please consider if you can prepare a meal or provide funds for a meal. Contact Heather for details.
Help Needed in Extended Session
Volunteers needed to serve one Sunday a month during Worship (10:50am-12:15pm). Needs are for 2nd, 3rd & 5th Sunday with Toddlers and 5th Sunday with Infants (nursery). Contact Heather to volunteer.
Toiletry Collection
Month of September
For the month of September the Youth will be collecting toiletries to donate to the Inter-Faith Food pantry in Carrboro. This will be to support another youth, Emmy Sol, who is a Girl Scout. The Youth will deliver all of the toiletries on Oct 1st . For anyone who can contribute, we will taking new/unused toiletries all month! Thank you to anyone who can help.
TX national guard help victims
Hurricane Relief
Continue praying for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and for those responding to their needs. Pray also for those affected by Hurricane Irma. If you wish to give, the following two sites for donations have been long time HillSong ministry partners. We trust their use of any and all donations, and value the work they do for long-term recovery: Baptists on Mission & CBF Global
Cornerstone Singles
Sunday, September 10th
Cornerstone Singles resumes its Wednesday night Bible study this week, Sept 6, at 6:30pm in room 104.
The Cornerstone Singles will meet for their monthly lunch following worship on Sunday, September 10th. Location TBD. All are welcome to attend. Contact Susan for more information.
John Crist Comedy Show
Thursday Nov 2nd
The Fusion Youth group will be going to the John Crist comedy show at RFA church in Raleigh. If you need a night of laughter and fellowship we would love for you to join us. Tickets are $16 and selling out fast! Doors open at 6pm. We will be leaving from HillSong at 5:15pm or you can meet us there! If you are interested in going please contact Enam 252.907.8579 by phone or text ASAP to reserve your spot. A head count is needed soon as there are only a few tickets left. Check out this preview of his comedy.
Language of Disunity - from Pastor Heather
        An odd event led me to explore another church website. A few weeks ago an old high school classmate contacted me and asked that I pray with a friend of hers who would soon undergo major surgery at Duke. Of course I was honored by her request and gladly agreed to pray. Then she wrote me back to say that she had found a more suitable pastor (read that as a male pastor) in Burlington that would go instead. Sure, there are plenty of personal reasons he might be the better fit, but I wanted to know "what makes him better?" So I explored his church website. I found a thriving church that is not entirely dissimilar from HillSong.  
        The language of welcome on that site was a bit troubling - inviting "internationals in their backyard to be in their church," "and taking Jesus to other nations." (emphasis mine). Even with the best intentions (and I believe they truly love God and neighbor), the language captures an "us and them" mentality. Furthermore, the language asserts ownership of place and even the gospel itself.  
        The Church, the body of Christ, is diverse but it is one, and no one can claim ownership. Rather, we all share in the life of this mystical - eternal community.   Read More
July Numbers
Financial Update from the Deacons
        The Deacons would like to share a couple of prayer requests and a praise with the congregation. First the prayer request. The Deacons are monitoring a modest budget deficit of $3,458. This means actual income from all combined sources is less than actual expenses. It is estimated the congregation could completely eliminate the deficit by giving, on average, $60 more per household during September.
        The Praise to report is HillSong Church's combined income for the year to date through July 31st is $9,642 more than the same time last year while expenses have been contained and are $2,339 less than the same time last year. Remember, the 2017 Budget was a 'reach' based solely on the number projections when it was approved last December. Thanks to faithful provision, the deficit is manageable but needs our attention to catch up income and operate sustainably.
        Please also be in prayer for HillSong's church leadership, for the Elders, Deacons and ministry staff as we enter the Fall months and prepare the 2018 Budget (general fund operating plan), to be wise in discerning how to use the resources for HillSong Church and our community.
        For more detail on the amounts in the Financial Snapshot, see the July 2017 Financial Statement. Copies are available at the back of the Worship Center on the Information Table.
July 2017 Financial Snapshot