August 2018
August Birthdays
Jane Hollingsworth  (8/3)
Patricia Johnson (8/12)
Carla Adams (8/18)
Tyler Cruver (8/8)
Abigail Cobert (8/13) Lucio Moreno (8/20)
Bryce Sit (8/9)
Bob Eatman (8/13) Vickie Pashion (8/28)
Heidi Suehs (8/11) Emily Bailey (8/15)
Opportunities for Ministry
Toiletry Kit Collection
toothbrush & toothpaste
We are in need of supplies to prepare dental/hygiene kits for our Dental Bus Ministry which will take place on October 27th. Our goal is to collect 50 of each of the items listed below by the end of August. Please help. There will be a basket in the hallway for toiletry donations.

** Bar of Soap
** Toothpaste
** Comb
** Toothbrush
** Dental Floss
** Deodorant
Meals for Refuge
Refuge, the discipleship group for undergraduate and graduate students will begin welcoming new students in August. Meals are an important part of this student ministry. Please consider signing up to provide a meal. Sign-up using this link
URGENT:  Preschool Sunday School Needs You!
We have still have an urgent need for more Preschool Sunday School teachers. We have had one person step up to volunteer, but this group of active, eager to learn preschoolers still need a teacher or two who help them learn about God's love. Can you help? Contact Heather as soon as possible.
Project Esperanza:  October 19-24, 2018
        Consider Joining us for the 2018 Trip to the Dominican Republic in which we will work with the families of Project Esperanza. PE is an organization that serves Haitian Refugee families in the Dominican Republic - largely families who have a single parent and multiple children needing food, clothing, education, and housing. For more information visit the Project Esperanza website.
        We have three main objectives: 1) work on any maintenance projects for the school building or boys' home; 2) work with the mothers of the children in the school, teaching them income generating skills such as crochet and sewing (this will be largely dependent on who comes on the mission trip and their skills); and 3) hold a science/art/bible camp with the children in the afternoon when they get out of school.
        The current dates for our trip are October 19th-24th. The estimated cost per person, including airfare, housing, ground transportation, and food is $750 to $900.  Please consider joining this team. Share this opportunity with your friends who have gifts/skills that would be beneficial to Project Esperanza. Contact Heather for more information.

Mark your calendars for our fundraising dinner on Wed, Sept 5th
N ame Submissions Needed
Name tag
        On May 27th, the church agreed by vote to begin the process of changing the name of our church. The first step in this process is to discover what this new name should be. Your help is needed.
        Over the next month, the Elders ask that any who has an idea for a new name submit them for reflection. Your recommendation should include the proposed name and the reasons why you feel that name represents our church family. This can include supporting scripture but this is not required. You may submit your idea electronically using this link or the paper forms that are available in the back of the Worship Center.
        All recommendations will be posted in the worship center for the church family to view and prayerfully reflect. On September 9th, the church family will vote to determine the top three suggestions. Then, on September 23rd the Elders will present the 3 name choices during the worship service and we will vote at the conclusion of worship that day to determine the new name our church family can embrace.
        This is just the beginning. There are still many steps before a name change will be completed. Continue to pray for God's wisdom as we go through this challenging process.
Clean-Up Thank You
Thank you to all who came by the church for our week-long classroom clean up. Everyone worked so hard and did an amazing job clearing space for discipleship groups to meet, and children to play in their classrooms. There's still work to be done. If you ever have a time during office hours that you would like to help in some way, stop by Dina's office and ask for the check-sheet of tasks. It takes us all working together to provide the best environment for our children and our visitors. Your work will be greatly appreciated!
FREE Books
Part of our clean-up included our library. Right now there are several Children's Books that are free for you to take. Check out the two book shelves in the hallway filled with possible additions to your own library. Any of the book remaining at the end of August will be donated.
Holiness - from Pastor Rob
Magnified Bible Verse
        I just finished reading through Leviticus. Some Christians see this Old Testament book as part of the Bible that go mostly unread. Since Christ came, we don't practice ritual sacrifice in worship. People would be appalled if upon entering the church they heard the pathetic sounds of cows and sheep about to fall under the priest's knife. No modern horror movie is bloodier or more macabre than worship in Israel in the day Leviticus was written.
        Most American Christians don't observe kosher food laws. And we don't settle legal disputes according to the prescriptions in Leviticus. What does this seemingly antiquated OT work have to say to Christians today? It is part of the collect we call 'word of God,' Holy Spirit-inspired writings.
        It would be impossible to identify all the ways God speaks to our lives in the pages of Leviticus. But here are a few thoughts to hold in mind. First, Jesus did not overturn the truth and divine assertions we find in Leviticus. Jesus doesn't undo the word found there, or replace it. He fulfills it. All the hopes, dreams, and ideals intended in Levitical law reaches his fulfillment in life, teachings, and salvation of Jesus Christ.
June Numbers
June 2018 Financial Snapshot
For more detail on the amounts in the Financial Snapshot, see the June 2018 Financial Statement. Copies are available at the back of the Worship Center on the Information Table.