June 2017
June Birthdays
Alan Stiles (6/3)
Mark Collier (6/9)
John Roberts (6/18)
James Asbill (6/4)
Kerry White (6/11)
Rose Barnes (6/21)
Mary Grace Folliard (6/4)
Haley Asbill (6/13)
Dave Cowan (6/21)
Siqing (Ching) Shan (6/5)
Brandon Carpenter (6/14)
Igor Tennant (6/21)
Caitlin Asbill (6/8)
Rosa Moreno (6/17)
Annika Sander (6/24)
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Let's Talk
During the current emphasis on church renewal, you may feel the need to further discuss the sermon or other subjects. To encourage this, a new blog called " Christ Like Conversation" has been started. Please use the link to start dialoguing about what's going on in church and other subjects posted - what you agree with, what you don't, what you don't understand, what you want to know more about.
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Cornerstone Single
Sunday, June 11th
The Cornerstone Singles will meet for their 2nd Sunday lunch following worship on Sunday, June 11th. Location TBD. All are welcome to attend. Contact Susan for more information.
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Church Directory Updates Needed
Have you cancelled your landline, changed your email address, moved?  An updated directory is being prepared. Please contact Dina with any additions or corrections to what we currently have on file. The updated directory will be published soon.
Opportunities for Ministry
Vacation Bible School - June 26-30, 2017: 6:15-8:30pm
VBS is coming soon!!!

Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered for VBS already. There's still plenty of room for more! If you haven't signed up yet, we are still looking for helpers. Contact Holly if you're interested or fill out a volunteer sign-up form. The forms are available on the round table in the church hallway.
REGISTER YOUR CHILDREN (grandchildren, neighbors, friends ...)
We can't have VBS without kids! Registration forms are also on the table in the hallway. Online registration will be available soon.
If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact Holly.
Donations for Hungary
Roma School in Hungary
Laura Shrewsbury is collecting items for the children at the English Bible Camp at Ibrany, Hungary she will be visiting at the end of June. Please bring items by Sun, Jun 18. Collection baskets are in the hallway.
Needed items: pencils, small pencil sharpeners, pens, 3 x 5 spiral notebooks, hotel size soap, small toys, stickers, combs, hair accessories. (No toothbrushes or toothpaste this time)
More Excerpts from the Witness Wall
God at work
* Made it to my 1st birthday! * Our prodigal daughter is soon to return home * Each step I take God encourages me and then shows me what to do next * When people say "yes" to ordained ministry, God is at work in the world * To be able to have such wonderful friends and family * My son knows and loves Jesus * God providing for financial needs when it was desperately needed * Karen and Daniel Barnes are expecting twins after suffering infertility problems. God is great! * 
Walk with Me -  from Pastor Heather
        During my ordination service at HillSong in 2009, I knelt for prayer and the laying on of hands. Feeling unsteady I knew I was sure to collapse, so I allowed myself to fall. Yet, I didn't move. The hands of everyone gathered were my strength and support. That is what it means to be surrounded by the body of Christ. You, HillSong Church, are the body of Christ and during this first month of serving in a new capacity I have felt your strength and support. I am grateful.
        More than gratitude, I feel enthusiastic about the work of renewal we will embrace together. I feel confident that our church family can have healthy, authentic, conversations about sensitive subjects. I feel that we are all certain to "fall back" in doubt, or anger, or frustration at times, but like my ordination reflection, the body of Christ will surely catch us, heal us, and put us back onto the path of renewal. Walk with me!
calvin arguing

        During this summer's renewal period, we will have several methods of engaging in healthy conversations and perhaps even conflict resolution. One way is through the reflection questions that will be asked during each Sunday worship service. A second way will be during a Wednesday night Discussion Group that will begin in July. A third method is through a new blog called Christ Like Conversation. Read what's posted, pray, and respond as you can. I want to encourage conversation. Let's discuss what you think whether you agree, disagree, what you feel, current news events - how does it affect your relationships with the people in the church, the weekly discussion questions from worship, or any matter you wish to suggest on the site.
April Numbers
April 2017 Financial Snapshot
April was a 5-Sunday month and tithes/offerings receipts were good at $30,181.47 for the General Fund. As of the April statement we have a positive balance of $4,743.97 (receipts vs. expenses). For more detail on the amounts in the Financial Snapshot, see the April 2017 Financial Statement. Copies are available at the back of the Worship Center on the Information Table.