December 2017
December Birthdays
John Folliard (12/1)
Lily Storm (12/12)
James Hollingsworth (12/19)
Pat Antonevitch (12/5)
Kathy Johnson (12/13)
Bruce Johnson (12/22)
Judy Adcock (12/9)
Starlyn Combs (12/14)
Brian Asbill (12/23)
Beth Roberts (12/10)
Lloyd Consaga (12/17)
Pat Pressley (12/26)
Ann Delaney (12/11)
Tiffany Allen (12/19)

This Sunday, December 3rd
Nutcracker Centerpiece
The annual Church Business Meeting will be held immediately following the Worship Service on Sunday, December 3rd. All members
are encouraged to attend to approve the 2018 Budget and affirm new Deacon nominees.

After the annual meeting all are invited to stay and attend the HillSong Christmas Potluck luncheon and help us decorate the Christmas tree. Bring a dish to share and join in this special fellowship meal.

Table decorators are needed. Twelve to fourteen tables will be available for decorating. If you are interested, contact the church office 919.967.3056.

Christmas Cards
Let us deliver your Christmas cards to the HillSong family for you. There are boxes in the church hallway for dropping off and picking up cards. Donate what you would normally spend on postage to the  Helping Hand fund.
Out to lunch sign
Cornerstone Singles
Sunday, Dec 10
The Cornerstone Singles will meet for their 2nd Sunday lunch following worship on Sun, Dec 10th. Location TBD. All are welcome to attend. Contact Susan for more information.
Christmas Eve Service
Sun, Dec 24, 5pm
Come to HillSong on Christmas Eve for a special worship service or carol singing and a celebration of the birth of our Savior. Bring your family, invite your friends & neighbors. There will be a cookie reception following the service. Please note there will be no childcare provided.
Advent Hope - from Pastor Rob
        With the start of Advent, December, 3, 2017, our church, like many, gives attention to the Lectionary texts and to the themes of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. The Lectionary is a series of prescribed readings that cover a three-year span. Each week there is a Gospel, a Psalm, an additional Old Testament reading, and an additional New Testament reading. There are several lectionaries. I typically refer to the Revised Common Lectionary.
        Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. Jesus brought each of these ideals to the world. In him these words are realities that we live as we live our lives in Christ . These came with his birth and in Advent we remember. These come as we walk with Christ in our lives. In Advent, we long for these things and anticipate.
        Us anticipating the story of Jesus' birth is not exactly like the way the creation anticipated his coming prior to when Joseph and Mary made their way to that stable. We know the story. But, it becomes new in our lives each year. So Advent, for Christ followers, is really the start of rebirth as we once again reach for God even as God reaches to us in Christ and in the Holy Spirit.
Bring in the Tithe Update
Thank you for your participation.
On November 19th, HillSong Church received $5,800.30 from the Congregation specifically designated for "Bring in the Tithe." (BiTT) An additional amount of $4,212.36 for the General (operating) Fund was also received. The amount received this year is slightly less than in 2016 (-1%). However, additional Online donations the week of November 13th-17th leading up to the BiTT Sunday this year were $2,232.40.   The grand total General Fund amount received BiTT week was $12,245.06.
Here is a tabular summary. In 2016, online/electronic donations were not determined and therefore unavailable for direct comparison.
October Numbers
For updated information on the October Financial Snapshot, see the October 2017 Financial Statement. Copies will be available at the back of the Worship Center on the Information Table.