March 2017
March Birthdays
Claudia Peterson (3/3)
Vickie Seng  (3/15)
Amy Brown (3/26)
Jonathan Hollingsworth (3/7)
Jonah Folliard (3/16)
Ben Johnson (3/27)
Tabitha Storm (3/8)
Angel Lee (3/19)
Teresa Church (3/29)
Opportunities for Ministry
Spring Workday
Sat, March 25th
The HillSong Spring Workday is planned for Sat., Mar 25th, 8:30am-12pm. Interior and exterior projects will be tackled. A list of tasks and sign-up will be available soon. Please plan on coming. Contact Todd Baker for more information.
Yard Sale Sign
Church Yard Sale
Sat, April 22
Please mark your calendars and start saving sellable items for the church yard sale. Many volunteers are also needed. More details will be coming soon. Contact Todd Baker for more information.
Out to lunch sign
Cornerstone Singles
Sunday, March 12
The Cornerstone Singles will meet for their 2nd Sunday lunch following worship on Sun, March 12th. All are welcome to attend. Contact Susan for more information.
Spring Forward Clock
Daylight Savings Time
Sunday, March 12th, 2am
Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday, March 11th so you will get to church on time the next day. We will "spring forward" on Sunday.
2016 Budget Shortfall - from the Deacons
Dec2016 Financial Snapshot
The Deacons have approved the final year-end financial statements for 2016.  HillSong Church's expenses for the year exceeded receipts. The deficit for the entire year, 2016, was $14,041.96. 
The Deacons and Treasurer have been able to manage the shortfall through monthly cash flow, utilization of Reserve Funds for building and grounds expenses not in the regular operating budget, and finally, the liquidation of the Van Fund, a Specials account created by the Deacons no longer needed at this time.  The liquidated Van Fund balance was transferred to the General fund to help offset the deficit from 2016.  The final statement lists the deficit as $10,951.67.
The Deacons and Elders are planning a number of fundraising events including a Car Wash (4/8), Church Wide Yard Sale (4/22) and a Community Meal (Tentatively 5/20). Please pray for new families to join HillSong in the coming year, and for the steadfast support of the current congregation to continue.

Copies of the December 2016 Financial Statement are available on the Information Table in the back of the Worship Center.
Personal Evangelism - from Pastor Rob
Comic look at evangelism
        In 2008, I began the year at HillSong preaching about something very specific: evangelism. I challenged myself and everyone in the church to wrestle with this question. How many times have I shared the Gospel or developed a relationship with an unchurched person with the intention of sharing my faith in the past month? The answer will be one indicator of how we are living as Christ's followers commissioned to share his love with a lost and hurting world (Matthew 28:16-20). We are each called to discipleship and to evangelism. Here's a less 'churchy' way of saying it.
  • Each one of us is called to follow Jesus.
  • Each one of us is called by God to invite people we know who are not Christians to turn to Jesus and to give their lives to Him.
        Of course in our church we have often emphasized evangelism since 2008. That's not the last time we discussed it. I bring it up today simply because the approach we employed that year is the right one for now. Today it is again the time to ask am I living evangelistically. Are we, as a church family, actively sharing our faith and inviting people to church?   Read more
January Numbers
Jan 2017 Financial Snapshot
For more detail on the amounts in the Financial Snapshot, see the January 2017 Financial Statement. Copies are available at the back of the Worship Center on the Information Table.